ARCA driver Derrick Lancaster taken to hospital with burns after crash at Talladega | FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV | News, Weather, Sports

ARCA driver Derrick Lancaster taken to hospital with burns after crash at Talladega | FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV | News, Weather, Sports
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Just My ThoughtsΒ 

So it’s Saturday and I’m just lounging around the house in my nightgown because there’s nothing I have to do or anyplace else I gotta be and the luxury of working from home is I don’t have to get dressed. I’m going to search the papers for any news stories but I spent the earlier morning on the MacBook networking with friends and updating the blog twitter because I wanna add some features/stories about real estate and travel editorials to my array of blog reports.  today is just going to be the day to relax and report/write. So feel free to follow us on Twitter:Chiefxpressdog 

Friday Night NewsΒ 

okay so the weather in Philadelphia is not making me happy, Nor is the fact that Twitter and Facebook are not cooperating and The tweets from my blog account are not being transferred to the fan page. With the weather the way it is, it’s really making me want to relocate to somewhere that it is not below 67Β°. If I had the power to change life as it is I would uproot my family and friends possibly and take us all the way back to the United States Virgin Islands which is where I have some awesome memories, Where I had some very awesome Twitter Pals. Instead of Dover international being  my home track, Daytona International  would be my home track.  I am very much disappointed in the Philadelphia Phillies and their less than stellar performance this season. I have been monitoring both the Duggar drama and the Caitlyn Jenner story and both are progressing,I’m certainly more interested with Caitlyn versus Duggar because Caitlyn’s story is much more of an exciting happy unfolding of a new journey in life. The story about the Duggar drama is absolutely nothing but anguish and disgust. It’s astonishing that the family is acting like they can justify and or pray until it goes away which I’m sorry to say it’s not happening 

Dear Perez + Duggar Thoughts

okay so i’m sitting here in the home office and thinking about some of the things Perez said in his periscope video and listening to Spotify, anyhow I must say that I’m watching more news networks than normal w/the Jenner news. I appreciate having Perez as my “muse/mentor” in blogging. I love sharing all kinds of things both newsworthy and gossipy. With regard to the Duggar drama, I actually like that’s it’s not all over the damn news because it’s a total disgrace that the family is wrapped up into their religion so much that they are unable to see reality and truth about what’s happening around them. The fact that they are unwilling to acknowledge that what Josh did to his sisters and other young women is a crime and i’m angry that the time limit is expired. I think it’s insane that there are people defending him and forgiving him. I cannot find it in my heart or soul to forgive any abuser of anykind. 

hey Perez, i know you probably didn’t know that you are my muse/mentor but i’m thankful for your online friendship, it means alot that somebody/you care about your readers/viewers. I love that you are expanding your social media etc. Hope you and the kids have a great weekend!

What I’m Thinking #Life

Another day is almost over and I have to say that I am enjoying my life without stress. Since I made the decision to delete some social networks from my life I’m not being subjected to drama and crazy situations where people think that they have the right to treat women like trash. Just because someone signs up to be a member of a social community doesn’t mean that or gives permission to men to ask whatever send whatever or do whatever they want. The majority of the social communities that I used to love-I have grown to hate because the majority of the males are either pigs,playboys or looking for a handout + I’m so not going to be providing any of what they are looking for. Eventhough I am single, I am happy with my life because I have fairly cool social connections. My social circle maybe small but I’d rather have true friends rather than people just being nice every now and then.Β