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The Queen’s Golden Years

Good morning and happy Saturday, yesterday was absolutely crazy as if there has not been enough crazy in my life the past few days, my 14-year-old decided to have a bad day and it scared the living shit out of me almost literally but as of this morning she is feeling much better and life is going to march on I just have to get used to having a senior dog – we went into the situation crash boom bang. So we now have her on a bland diet of yogurt and crackers, whatever she wants that is not going to upset the Digestive system. But I am learning that you don’t need to call the vet for everything, sometimes just mentioning them or checking in on Facebook brings it to their attention. So today after the gym I am going to work on the knitting and probably get the kitchen organized again because I ran the dishes this morning and I usually like to get things moving within the 1 to 2-hour time frame after the dishwasher is finished whenever the dishes are cool enough to touch. I’m really excited for the new #JeffreeStarXMorphe collaboration part Deux, it’s going to be #Starberry which kind of reminds me of #LunarBeauty and they just came out with a strawberry-scented collection, the question is who had the concept first but I am going with #JeffreeStar’s collection because I I am in love with his formulas. And I have more formulas/product from Jeffree Star. Anyhow, we are home watching television, looking forward to August 13-I went grocery shopping I got some things for the queen and they did not have my coconut yogurt which I was disappointed but I did pick up some other items of necessary like hummus and #LennyAndLarrys peanut butter cookies. Sometimes picking up in-store is easier than ordering when you just need to add to your stash not update it completely. So with that, all said we are going to continue watching television and knitting which is what we do every single day of our lives which is fine with us. God bless you and thank you for reading my craziness.

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Blog Note II

So with my not wanting to post articles and I believe are too personal for the public viewing I think they should have kept somethings private-media needs to be more discrete sometimes and even though I do share a lot on my blog, there are things that I believe need to remain private-I don’t want to remember Beth by her final words etc. I want to remember her as a strong independent bounty huntress that she was. I am very surprised that A&E has not done any marathons yet I know the show is no longer live on their network but out of respect I am utterly shocked that they haven’t. I broke down and shed a tear when I read The TMZ breaking news about her passing. I took a little while to digest think about what I wanted to post and since I had been posting other news about the battle with cancer I thought I’m going to post at least a little bit. I am following all of the news no doubt but I’m not gonna share every damn article if my readers want that they can go find it elsewhere because I’m not going to invade privacy by posting crazy crap. I am following a lot of things going on in Canada with the 90210 reboot and there are misconceptions about the reboot and there are a lot of people wanting certain things from the reboot certain characters I’ve been hello it is not a freaking redo it is a heightened version of themselves and splices of the characters. Not every single actor/actress is going to be on the reboot so people wanting to see certain storylines Ivan not going to happen. The other thing that really pisses me off how much is the missed telling of certain words names . Just why would a true fan not know how to spell character names etc.

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Winter Weather & Ramblings

So I’ve been thinking about so many things over the last few days and I’ve decided to dump my mind. I’ve been working on my fitness journey on a regular basis. My eating is better despite the cold snap we’ve found ourselves in. Phuck you Phil, thought you proclaimed that spring would be here sooner than later? Last time I checked the scale, it was 10 lbs from my goal but I don’t know if I have hit a bump or not. Wish I could eliminate some more of my cravings that are leftover. Watching television all day with my pups and knitting. Yes I have enough yarn for a while but that’s not going to stop me from shopping for it. I love grabbing things that catch my eye and crafting keeps my Nana’s memory alive. I have been sharing articles of interest but ever since the news of Luke Perry’s stroke- I’ve been in a rut. A rut that I don’t know when I’m going to emerge from. I have shared so many political articles lately that I’m on political burnout. Do I fully support the Republican Party? No, I don’t & no I don’t fully support the Democrats either. I’m completely frustrated with the happenings in my country and I can say that because it was my 8th and 10th generation grandfather were responsible for the birth of this nation. Anyway, I need to go relax with my pups until I find any other news of importance.

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Friday Night News 

okay so the weather in Philadelphia is not making me happy, Nor is the fact that Twitter and Facebook are not cooperating and The tweets from my blog account are not being transferred to the fan page. With the weather the way it is, it’s really making me want to relocate to somewhere that it is not below 67°. If I had the power to change life as it is I would uproot my family and friends possibly and take us all the way back to the United States Virgin Islands which is where I have some awesome memories, Where I had some very awesome Twitter Pals. Instead of Dover international being  my home track, Daytona International  would be my home track.  I am very much disappointed in the Philadelphia Phillies and their less than stellar performance this season. I have been monitoring both the Duggar drama and the Caitlyn Jenner story and both are progressing,I’m certainly more interested with Caitlyn versus Duggar because Caitlyn’s story is much more of an exciting happy unfolding of a new journey in life. The story about the Duggar drama is absolutely nothing but anguish and disgust. It’s astonishing that the family is acting like they can justify and or pray until it goes away which I’m sorry to say it’s not happening 

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Hello world!

so I didn’t even expect to get a WordPress site because I thought I had enough social media networks though my manager thought otherwise. I am a silver dappled dachshund living in the keystone state of Pennsylvania and I’m very blessed to have a loving family and great group of social media friends. I done do very much socializing with other pups in the real world because I can be over anxious about new things. I go to PetSmart on a monthly basis for my spa days and clearance shopping, my wardrobe is growing sporadically whenever my momma finds something that I supposedly can’t be with out. My life is pretty much awesome and I have everything I want and something’s I don’t even need. Until the next time,I love you!

~Miss Pinky