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Just My Thoughts 

So it’s Saturday and I’m just lounging around the house in my nightgown because there’s nothing I have to do or anyplace else I gotta be and the luxury of working from home is I don’t have to get dressed. I’m going to search the papers for any news stories but I spent the earlier morning on the MacBook networking with friends and updating the blog twitter because I wanna add some features/stories about real estate and travel editorials to my array of blog reports.  today is just going to be the day to relax and report/write. So feel free to follow us on Twitter:Chiefxpressdog 

Random Rant

Saturday Rambles Darkness 

So it’s somewhere between 1:00-2:00 in the morning and I just woke up for a bathroom break & I’m not in back to sleep mode which is not awesome so I’m going to just spit out some thoughts. Friday wasn’t the best day weather wise and I really wish it would have been much nicer, I don’t like having to keep the door closed because it’s not nice outside and the pooch doesn’t like having to be kept inside. I’m looking forward to being able to compose more entries and work more from my iPad when I get the new keyboard case that’s coming from Amazon shortly. I found out that Wegmans has a very nice selection of Kind Snacks but sadly they are cheaper on Amazon. I really do love my new bedsheets from wayfair except for the fact that polyester doesn’t get along with mattresses very well because they slip n slide a lot. I’m totally still addicted to Twitter even though I’ve merged my number of accounts into a decent number I still have to have multiple accounts in order to keep apprised of the daily life. I’m happy with my life and if it were doable I would only make slight changes. Changes to my life would be definitely awesome and will explain in a future blog. I know that this is super random but just had to get the thoughts out of my head so maybe I can get back to sleep. I’ll check in later 💚


Afternoon Thoughts 

So it’s still a little chilly outside but since the sunshine is out we decided to come sit and relax. Today I have my sweet dachshund dressed in her Bones Print dress and she is okay with that.  Last night we ordered a cute purple dress from Bret Michaels on I really liked the matching bones print bed that petsmart had but don’t think it was available online 😑 if I could, I totally would get my dog one of every cute outfit.  if I had endless amount of money It would be Christmas every day of the year. I definitely appreciate the great spring and summer weather because I’m not stuck inside all day.  


Saturday Night 

Just hanging out with the dog on a beautiful day in Philadelphia, had an interesting time last night trying to get to sleep,the neighbors  thought it was a good idea to have a boisterous evening that went on for hours. Thankfully the noise wasn’t keeping my queen from her beauty rest or I don’t think that I would have been able to get a wink. Thanks to my wonderful police department I was finally able to go to Sleepyville about midnight I understand that it’s the weekend and all but I’m trying to get myself into a schedule/pattern. Life is easier for me if I know what I am doing and when.  Today is just a day to relax with my family.  I’ll be back in a little bit to ramble about other things.