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MeetMe + Beyond 

Okay so I’m sitting in bed with my thoughts and I’m here to spill what I have been thinking over time. Aside from the fact that I am watching Married At First Sight 2, I’m totally thinking about the social community I have been part of sporadically since September 2009. MeetMe was an awesome place to meet people back when it was MyYearbook because at that time it had many awesome things to do besides chat. It had games,causes etc but that good stuff went away over time as the years went on. I’ve met some people who are part of my social network and I don’t let many people into my world. Back in 2011,the company was bought and changed names and with the changing of captains came a boatload of chaos. The social safety team has really crapped out keeping the creepy at bay. If I wanted to see x-rated photos and being solicited by overseas scammers I would seek it out myself but I don’t want that crap, nor do I want to be a viewer of desperation,lonliness and narcotics trafficking I would seek it out myself. I don’t want any of the chaos. Many people who are in the community are looking for one nighters,cheating on their significant other etc. while the community is meant to be a place where everyone can be. It matters not what your relationship,religion,race or sexual orientation is.  But here’s the problem with leaving,it still is a unique social community where I can communicate with others but it’s not tweeting or facebooking. So I guess I’m just stuck in a rut with it. I’m still praying for the miracle of meeting someone genuinely looking to be happy and honest in a committed relationship. With that in mind I am happy with myself and my current situation but I do wonder what my life would be like with someone in it again. I don’t want to bore anyone with the details so I’ll shut up now and if anyone has questions you may tweet or Facebook message me.

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Saturday Rambles Darkness 

So it’s somewhere between 1:00-2:00 in the morning and I just woke up for a bathroom break & I’m not in back to sleep mode which is not awesome so I’m going to just spit out some thoughts. Friday wasn’t the best day weather wise and I really wish it would have been much nicer, I don’t like having to keep the door closed because it’s not nice outside and the pooch doesn’t like having to be kept inside. I’m looking forward to being able to compose more entries and work more from my iPad when I get the new keyboard case that’s coming from Amazon shortly. I found out that Wegmans has a very nice selection of Kind Snacks but sadly they are cheaper on Amazon. I really do love my new bedsheets from wayfair except for the fact that polyester doesn’t get along with mattresses very well because they slip n slide a lot. I’m totally still addicted to Twitter even though I’ve merged my number of accounts into a decent number I still have to have multiple accounts in order to keep apprised of the daily life. I’m happy with my life and if it were doable I would only make slight changes. Changes to my life would be definitely awesome and will explain in a future blog. I know that this is super random but just had to get the thoughts out of my head so maybe I can get back to sleep. I’ll check in later 💚

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Just had a wonderful lunch of shrimp, took photo of my yankee candle collection for Instagram,now watching InvestigationDiscovery with my best friend.  Not too happy with the weather, wishing Mother Nature would decide whether it’s winter or spring.