She Shed Etc

So it’s Sunday morning, June 2-yesterday I was out and about doing my stuff with mom and I came across the idea that Had been buried in my head about a #SheShed. Granted, I have been thinking about this, because sometimes I feel like I need it. The reason I think that is because sometimes I feel like I don’t have my own my own personal space. I love having my family live with me/living with my family but the lack of privacy sometimes bothers me. That is why I thought a she shed would be perfect for me-not for extra storage because that we do not need but somewhere where I could go to get away from the crazy, somewhere where I can relax with no stress. So my she shed idea is still on the table just trying to figure out how to go about it if it’s going to become a reality. I realize that I don’t always “need” this she shed but sometimes it would be nice to have a place to go where nobody’s going to randomly walk in on me-I love my family, I’m glad my uncle is living here but the lack of privacy is starting to drive me insane after six months?-I have looked at options, In the sense of sport utility sheds and we all know that I love tiny house living I admire that but my collective nature with regard to Cosmetics and knitting and stockpiling the food sometimes makes me wonder if I’d ever be cut out for tiny house living/she shed capability. My life is pretty damn good and I am happy with the way my life is for the most part, all I want is a place that I can go when I feel overwhelmed and annoyed the world when I don’t want to be bothered. I’m always going to look at the she shed option whether I get one or not-with regard to mother nature and this tornado bullshit I’ve had enough, when it’s stormy outside, My mood sucks-that’s part of my anxiety disorder and not having my own space screws with my mind a lot. Part of the reason I love living in my own little world is that I can block out certain people etc. when I need to zone out I’m sure there’s gonna be another update to she shed before it gets published. Even if I don’t get my she shed, I’m always going to be daydreaming about it I’m always going to love interior design and I’m always going to enjoy shopping probably for things I don’t really need but. Anyway tonight is going to be a long night according to the weather report because I have 4 hours of showers coming up Thomas so I probably won’t be going to sleep until 1030 tonight. Finished rambling for the evening good night God bless and adios

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