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I am frustrated by the situation happening with the flag and why it’s all the sudden the target for controversy. Nobody gave a flying fuck about it till this church massacre happened but now people are wanting to rewrite history and distroy the past like it never existed. Well it’s a bunch of crap. The government needs to reevaluate itself because there’s other things more important than a piece of material. What about the flags of terrorist organizations who are beheading and drowning innocent people? Think about that before you complain about a rebel flag 

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So I’ve been working all day on Facebook writing comments and sharing stories from my colleagues and twitter family, something’s I have enjoyed writing about and some of the topics I don’t really like. I love writing about positive things and dislike writing about the negative/dramatic and dangerous things. This morning I wrote a semi opinionated piece on the deadly church shooting yesterday in South Carolina. Now this afternoon I was spending a lot of time commenting on one of my favorite docudramas Married At First Sight. I have heard many things with regard to the participants getting paid for the show/experiment which I don’t quite know what to think but I know that I don’t like being lied to about. Apparently they do get some kind of monetary amount to be on the program but I can testify first hand that the match making process does indeed work because I’ve been there. The experts are absolutely correct when they say it’s the couple’s responsibility to make their relationship successful. You have to work together the entire time and put in 100% effort in to the process for it to be a success. Something that it’s crystal clear that some of the couple’s failed. Davina and Sean only spent 12 nights, It is plainly obvious that they did not put as much effort into the process as they should have. I don’t think that Ryan and Jessica worked hard enough together to make their relationship succeed. Apparently there were some situations where Jessica and Ryan’s relationship took some not so good turns, There were six occasions where just go is offered help by the expert and she refused. There isn’t anything that the experts could do if she flat out refused assistance. It is also clear that their relationship failed because they did not get enough counseling from the doctors. It is not the fault of the experts because a couple does not get assistance I think it is the fault of the couple for not saving or putting in effort to save the relationship.

I don’t like saying anything negative about Jaclyn and Ryan even though they put in effort, The fact that he is a mama’s boy does not help obviously. Trying to live with someone other than family can be difficult for that person. Anyway their relationship with the rocks with the divorce of season two which means none of our couples stay together unfortunately. I wish things could’ve been different I wish I could’ve been talking about happy couples being married but it was not meant to be. 

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Saturday evening 

So today has been a pretty good day for us even though my arthritis is still aggravating me thanks to Mother Nature being rude to Philadelphia. I’m letting the furkid have a long day just because the weather is not soggy. I’m definitely going to get a good night of sleep and enjoy tomorrow and the NASCAR race from Pocono. But for tonight I’m going to do a little networking before it’s sleepy time 

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Friday Randoms

I’m just relaxing with the sweetheart and networking with comrades and sharing things that I find interesting. My joints aren’t pleased with the weather so fuck you Mother Nature-you don’t have a heart for those of us who are getting older. I said earlier that this weekend was going to be a mostly coffee/liquid diet because I am in no mood to sit back and have the munchies. I am sharing tweets about random things on my blogs Twitter while I curl up under the blankets with the cutest guard dog I’ve ever known besides her late sister who passed away last June. I’ll be back with more when there’s something to say other than just randomness  

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Random Thoughts

Sitting here in my bed and watching television,thinking zillions of random thoughts. Every from how I don’t like Jason & Brittany Aldean all the way over to how upsetting the discrimination of the  lgbt  community in the states of Arkansas & Indiana. I spent the day with the pup who’s feeling a ton better than the other day where she found herself cranky because of dehydration. I’m very happy that the hostage situation that took place this morning at La Mott Fire 3 ended positively with the the jackass ex firefighter suspect is under arrest. Sorry I’m so random and choppy with the post but I’ll do better next time