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Hello, I have not written a journal entry in a hot minute but I thought today would be a good day considering it’s been extremely busy and unpredictable. Started as your typical Wednesday with knitting and YouTube video watching. Quickly turned into chaos as we were having the company come power wash the house which should not have been a big deal but the morning ended with the fire department the police department and no power. Thankfully for the generator which we didn’t have to activate but everything was delayed significantly today and I did not get my walk at the mall. By the way, I did publish an article on recent information from an attempted robbery at the mall. I hate that Kind of shit in my backyard. I live within 5 miles of our mall and it makes me crazy that people from Philadelphia parade up here and commit crimes of every definition. anyway, we were just having our house power washed we thought it would be a simple one-day event which was a one-day event it just expended a little bit longer than we all had expected with a little bit more chaos than predicted. it has been a while since station 56 came to play it but luckily it didn’t last very long today and the electrician was able to get out here and fix the said situation after several members of the fire department cleared the situation themselves to answer any questions, no we did not have to evacuate nor did the dogs have to Leash up. just thankful we have a fenced-in yard and blocked off the dining room/former dining room. The company we used has been in business for nearly 20 years and they’ve encountered this problem less than a handful of times. And on another note, I still have not found the celebration cake at Costco. Frustrating very frustrating because it was advertised on Instagram now I love the content creators that I follow when it comes to everything I follow whether it be food or other necessity. But when a product is featured that is not available in my location I get very very frustrated. – as I sit here writing this entry, I am using my endless hearts MagSafe case from #GetCasely along with the matching power pod that came in the mail the other day – I had the case from shortly after the #UvaldeSchoolShooting hi I am pretty certain that this company is the only one who selected an item from their lineup that at the time of purchase all proceeds from this case regardless if it was classic, bold, MagSafe, Battery case Dash my only wish is that they would have made the case and power pod combo. I’m happy but I have Uber knitting to do tomorrow because I can’t knit in the dark. if you are a friend on Instagram or MeWe or Snapchat, you got to see photo evidence but I’m not posting that on my blogs. enclosing, I am going to go to sleep early maybe and work overtime on the stitching tomorrow but I’m going to spend the rest of the day editing blogs because both channels have a backlog.

Customer Service @walmart #customerservice

Okay, so I am frustrated right now, and it is not the first time that this situation has happened. Walmart customer service! I rely on them to be open to handle my monthly business. I don’t care if it is the weekend or not, they should have concrete hours of operation every day. If customer service is unavailable then they should have a manager on duty at all times to take care of the customer service situations. Reloading of prepaid cards etc. I work from home and don’t have time in my day to come back later when things are open. If the store is open then customer service needs to open.

PSA For Yarn Companies

Hello and I have been thinking about this for a very long time, I have been going through my yarn inventory and discovering many things. The fact that red heart super saver has two different sizes. If you’re buying solid colors you get 7 ounces but if you buy the variegated colors you only get 5 ounces. I haven’t looked at the difference between solid and variegated colors when it comes to the specialty lines. Most of those are 4 ounces regardless of what you’re getting. I have a strong stash of cakes of skeins etc. not only do I have probably dozens of 5-ounce skeins from different companies but I have 3.5 ounce balls I have 4 ounce balls. I don’t discriminate unless you are wool because I’m allergic to you. The point is that yarn comes in different shapes different colors different sizes all good as long as the quality matches the array of color availability which unfortunately it doesn’t. I’ve had yarn it is a crap quality I’ve had yarn that is amazing quality. Sometimes I buy multiple units of one color weight I buy single units all depends but I do have certain colors I am in love with and I will super stock. Another curious thing here is why are there certain colorways that only come in 5 ounces. There are some beautiful colors that I have in my stash that I would love in a jumbo skein but no I can’t find it. So there I am buying 3 to 6 may be more of a single color at 5 ounces because I love it and I need it in my stash. Recently I decided I’m going to try and do more one-of-a-kind items that would only require me to buy one or two units of a particular colorway but if I like you enough I will buy more of you. I have given away yarn in the past that I wasn’t able to work with but there’s been yarn that I have kept because I love it and I want to learn to work with it. That being said I have just acquired a taste shall we say more of a single color at 5 ounces because I love it and I need it in my stash. Recently I decided I’m going to try and do more one-of-a-kind items that would only require me to buy one or two units of a particular colorway but if I like you enough I will buy more of you. I have given away yarn in the past that I wasn’t able to work with but there’s been yarn that I have kept because I love it and I want to learn to work with it. That being said I have just acquired a taste shall we say for that lightweight while I’m on that subject of bike rafting/DK yarn. So I have done a little extra purchasing of certain materials. I also wanted to make note that there are recommendations on every jacket of yarn suggesting what needle size what hook size etc. and I think that’s misleading only because everybody is different with their stitching style. For me example, I am a loose knitter but a tight crocheter. While I’m on that subject of crafting, the Cotton yarn I love you you are amazing but you crochet very tightly. The acrylic yarn I love you too you crochet very stiff. Not that tight and stiff is bad when it comes to knitting or crochet but when you don’t expect it it’s a pain in the ass which is why I tend to stick to my knitting and my knitting methods are going down A needle size or two depending on what material I’m working with depending on what your weight I’m working with and back on the how many units to buy for a project-I appreciate certain companies listing how many units will need for accomplishing a project. Wish every company was like that #LionBrandYarn’s you all are the bomb in many ways. Going on to store brand versus not store-brand, I was not a big fan of store brand at the beginning of my career because I always like the cheaper the yarn the worst quality unfortunately / fortunately That’s not true anymore because I can get quality store-brand if I know what I’m looking for. I’m also noticing that store brands are going to go to toe with name brands in the different colors and varieties available which I appreciate. Anyhow that’s all for this rant of a journal entry. Going back to my craft going back to scheduling articles etc. have a great day.

Life Update July

I have not written a blog in forever but it’s because life took over and I had to go with the flow. Just thought it would be cool to do an update on life. I needed more space in my life and was thinking about getting my own apartment. After looking at prices on everything, I chose to not go anyplace new because even with the politics in my town, I really cannot think of anywhere that has the better grouping of retail. Retail is a pain regardless of where you live but being near one of the biggest shopping centers in the country has it’s benefits. So I am getting help with flipping the basement into a retreat. So far I have the wine cellar flipped into a mini space, but I’m sitting on my new futon sofabed. Yes, I’m still in a great relationship with an amazing man who I can not see life without. Everything with regard to the crazy coronavirus, oh lordy lord, I cannot understand how in the hell a country such as this has selected a “president & vice president” who are actually worse than Donald Trump. Yes, I said worse than Donald Trump. Only four years under “the Donald” but gracious this country has still gone down the hill. I’m clearly finding out where I stand politically- I maybe registered as one party. but I am definitely not straight party or completely agreeing with one party. I am definitely conservative in some places but very liberal in others. I support the LGBTQ+ Community and do not support abortion. I think about all the lives that have been lost to infantcide.. Another thing I want to shed some light on is some illnesses that people do not care about until it’s too late. OK I am now working on the knitting After the thunderstorms and a triple explosion which I did not know if it was the transformers or something else so I ended up calling the police department/fire department and they came to investigate and thankfully it was nothing big. Was is it wasting resources? I really don’t think so because I didn’t know what exploded I heard a triple boom in a triple flashto investigate and thankfully it was nothing big. Why is it wasting resources? I really don’t think so because I didn’t know what exploded I heard a triple boom in a triple flash. I am conversing with someone who I never thought I would be friends with, the daughter of one of the actors from 90210. Not Busey GeoI am conversing with someone who I never thought I would be friends with, the daughter of one of the actors from 90210. I always thought that they did not do Luke Perry justice in the tribute department on the reunion, Riverdale did a much better job of paying tribute to Luke Perry. I don’t know what Tori Spelling was thinking or if she was. since the passing of Luke, there has not been very much Conversation about stroke about colorectal cancer. We all know that Shannen is currently battling cancer. I lost my dad to cancer, and now Joe E Tata is battling has been battling Alzheimer’s disease/illness. there are good days there are bad days and he remembers his career, he has his daughter but his daughter has been kept away from him not by his choice by a conservator that was not even a wife. i’m going to get more information on that before I speak more on the conservator but she is not doing anything positive for Joe or his daughter. The point of me bringing this up is that once the television show has gone once the actors passed away that is when people wonder what the fuck happened to the actors they care about the children may be but what about when the actors and actresses etc. are still alive whether they’re battling illnesses or not it makes me angry that people don’t give a flying fuck until after the fact. I am working on a seperate entry summing up facts and feelings about Beverly Hills 90210 and the health issues going on with main charcters that have pretty much been ignored. In other news, my cave/lounge is coming along well, A lot of memorabilia has come into the cave which is amazing & an amazing work in progress. With regard to the entertainment aspect of my new enviornment, I have a television with dvd player && Roku streaming with multiple subscriptions. I also have Amazon Alexa. Aside from the basement, I am working on many projects – creative projects. Knitting and writing/information distribution . I have decided to post on Instagram and Facebook etc on Beverly Hills 90210 real life. We lost Luke Perry to an ischemic cerebrovascular incident. we know that Shannen Doherty is currently battling breast cancer. what many people don’t know right now is that Joe E Tata is currently almost stage seven Alzheimer’s disease. And the fans want to know about the health of the people we grew to love over the ten-year span of the series. When we lost Luke, it was RIP, etc. for a week or two and nobody has said squat since! I understand Shannen in wanting privacy during this time but also I think it’s important to raise awareness for diseases that can be preventable unfortunately I find it ironic and scary that her character had a breast cancer scare and now she’s going through it in real life. Back when she was first diagnosed, Luke had a colorectal cancer scare so they went through that together. What’s been said and it’s true is that Shannen came back to do the reboot in honor of Luke in memory of Luke. I don’t think she would’ve come back if it were not for that situation. Speaking of Luke Perry, the tribute that Riverdale did in honor of Luke was 10,000 times better than the tribute two him on the reboot BH 90210. i’m curious now who owns the rights to the name “the peach pit“ because there is apparently a restaurant out there on Melrose named the peach pit and it has the design of the 90210 restaurant. It has memorabilia according to a source and what I wanna know is who owns the rights to the name in reality. furthermore why hasn’t there been a Melrose Place reboot why hasn’t there been a “shooters bar“ restaurant pop-up. Is it because the money was needed by the cast of 90210. The only one I gave a hall pass to Is Shannen because of her cancer.

Quick Thought RE Riots

Dear readers, I am very disappointed with the riots in Washington, D.C. Those who stormed the US Capitol were definitely wrong. Also the Democrats are definitely wrong as is Hollywood for calling on social media to block Mr. president but on the other hand maybe it’s necessary right now. He has a loose cannon and the reason I voted for him is because I was against the opposition I amRegistered Republican but that does not mean I agree with everything. It makes me sick that people think it’s OK to do what they did inin reality of that four people were killed and 52 arrests were made. There was nothing peaceful or OK with what happened the past 24 hours Washington DC in reality of that four people were killed and 52 arrests were made. There was nothing peaceful or OK with what happened the past 24 hours. I understand Hollywood has a right to speak out but I think celebrities need to shut the fuck up unless they have a career choice to go into politics. Just like we did with Barack Obama we made it through that and we will make it through the Biden administration. But keep in mind President Biden is a puppet for the Democrats for the Democratic extremists. I’ll be taking a break from posting extra things I will be scheduling but I am going to try and focus on my sanity. Thank you for following me I appreciate every single one of you.

2020 Y 2021 P1

Good Morning and welcome to another crazy journal entry. I have been silent on the journal entries lately because of all the chaos in the world and I do not want to repeat anything out of frustration. Life has changed significantly in this world and I don’t see it going back to three 2020 for a very very long time. Granted there have been some beautiful glimmers of awesomeness in this devastating year, most of it has been devastating. Obviously with the bioterrorism that is the coronavirus which I have thoughts about when it got here when it was recognized etc. but we also have the political wildfire which is out of fucking control and I’m not happy one iota about it. We also have chaos in the beauty industry thanks to Jeffree Star. He has effectively been canceled at his partner well I should say former partner Morphe. They removed his product from shelves/stores at least two months ago and it’s wonderful to be able to go in there and shop without seeing his dramatic being. I enjoyed the morning walking at the mall because it was very quiet and peaceful. Also, I enjoyed my visit to Walmart because I was able to use a little holiday money on some beautiful Quality yarn and it seems like Walmart has been able to restock a little bit in their craft department even though it is still a fucking mess. Also, I checked my shipments from eBay and everything is stuck in a facility located in Philadelphia. Well, it is frustrating to still be waiting for the product I am not going to be sending any negative email because it’s here just not delivered yet. As for my personal life – it is going well and I am very happy yeah I’m looking forward to a future that is very happy with my life partner. Honestly never thought I would find my twin flame on a random app for free but I’m very happy I did find him. About articles on the website, I am using the site as a digital journal for whatever I am interested in. That’s exactly why I started blogging in the first place. Sometimes I am consciously posting breaking news but also posting past news as a reminder depending upon the content. Even reposting important news multiple times. I am currently working on the Nashville terrorism event. Yes, I said terrorism because even though it is domestic with a workplace violence tagging smell it is indeed terrorism since it’s an intentional act to cause harm. With this in mind, I am signing off for a while until I have more brain farts of insightful information.

King of Prussia Mall Owner Buying Its Own Stores Out of Bankruptcy | News Break

It is not a surprise to many that the difficult circumstances created by COVID-19 would spell the end of some mall retailers. However, Simon Property Group, the largest mall owner in the U.S., has decided that desperate times call for desperate measures and has begun buying some of its own stores out of bankruptcy, writes Alistair Gray for thePhiladelphia Business Journal.
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Retired Maryland officer falsely accused by Internet ‘vigilantes’ in attack on teens | Fox News

Internet vigilantes falsely identified a retired cop as the man seen on video attacking a group of George Floyd supporters in a Maryland park — prompting a flood of harassing calls and emails to his family, according to reports.
— Read on www.foxnews.com/us/retired-maryland-officer-falsely-accused-internet-vigilantes.amp

Chaos Journal 1

Hello and welcome to my little slice of the Internet and this is where I am able to let things jump out of my head and off my chest. We are all looking forward to the end of quarantine but at the same time praying for the end of the insane rioting that’s continuing around the world as a result of the inhumane and excessive force used by 4 former police officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As my of my followers may be aware, I’m a proud independent American citizen who is strongly supportive of law enforcement. I am extremely upset with the former officers who participated in the murder of George Floyd. No human being deserves to be killed that way. Regardless of what may or may not have occurred prior to the fatal encounter. I am several days down the road when I first started this entry, I have explored many different articles and posted many different articles since the riots and protests began. I definitely believe that this country is troubled we have a president who has not in my opinion stuck to his guns. Yes, I voted for him twice but that does not mean that I completely agree with him or his current place. I do not agree with the Democrats either I am more independent conservative with a dash of liberal but not enough to switch parties which I would never do. I support the police, I support the LGBTQ community, I support equality for everyone regardless of your race ethnicity orientation or gender. There should not be any discrimination over anyone. There are bad apples in every group gender, ethnicity, race, religions, orientations, and especially political parties and law enforcement. But those bad apples in every bunch should not be the mask or the flag for each category. People need to remember that America is supposed to be a melting pot where everybody should feel welcome. To throw it back to my ancestors, who signed the declaration of independence “We hold this truth to be self-evident that all men are created equal“. And to go off my own little jag from that I believe that all women should be treated equally. I have been following different articles, not just about Mr. George Floyd, we have more police brutality stories coming out of the woodwork and it ain’t pretty people. There are more white officers attacking black Americans. We had Mr. Derek Chauvin kill Mr. George Floyd, we had Mr. Brett Hankison kill Ms. Breonna Taylor on a mistaken identity on a mistaken household for a drug raid in Louisville Kentucky and we still need justice for Breonna but my prediction is that it Is probably coming very swiftly now that we know the “Officer” who murdered this EMT. If there is one thing outside of the craft that the craft Has taught me – it is to have an open mind about everything and everyone. With that all said I’m gonna keep this short and call tonight because there’s more to come but it has yet to be formulated so good night.

KOP Chaos #DomesticTerrorism #GeorgeFloyd

Good morning King of Prussia, I am very upset I am very disturbed I am very disgusted that this domestic terrorism has come to my neighborhood. My city of Philadelphia has been destroyed by looting. My hometown Of King of Prussia has been torn apart when it comes to retail. Even though it was just AT&T and Macy’s, I don’t give a fuck any people who don’t belong in civilization came into my neighborhood and I have one person I’m pointing the finger at. George Soros is the person I find responsible for all the Mayham all the terrorism across the country I believe it is his people who are being dispatched to tear up the town’s but at the same time I point the finger at the former officer who murdered Mr. George Floyd. He is the one who should be charged with first-degree murder and inciting riots. I don’t care who you are-What’s happening in my country is disgraceful. I have plenty of articles to go through when I get home and post them to the blog but I promise you this I am not going to stay silent I’m going to keep my head above water when it comes to this disaster.