JSC Short #Jawbreaker etc

Hey everyone, yesterday was the launch of the long-awaited jawbreaker Collection by a friend in my head Jeffree Star. Ever since I started my make up/Cosmetics journey I have liked Mr. Diva, I know he’s controversial I know he’s flamboyant I know he’s no bullshit which I like people that don’t know bullshit. I have some of his items and I will continue to grow my collection in his line, I do have plans to add some #JawbreakerCollection items to my arsenal when the bank account will allow. I am very excited for those fans who were able to pick it up on launch. There are some things that I am going to go into slowly with that collection because I already have a lot of product from other brands that I frequent all the time. Plus I’ve added four new Brands to my collection this season and I don’t add new brands that often. I really do my research on the brand before I add them to my make up trolleys. I’ve been focusing a lot on my outdoor space I have been adding yarn to my yarn inventory and I have been working on my health mainly my fluids etc. I’ve gotten into coconut water and coffee more. So as I write this I’m sitting out in my yard with my dogs. I know also that Morphe is somewhat controversial because they’ve had hit and miss products especially with Jaclyn Hill. I have posted some things about that entire situation on the blog before and I’m sure that situation is not complete because as far as I am aware she has not had the balls or the peace of mind to recall any of her tainted products-I have not bought anything Morphe since my travel brush set. And even though I ordered the Jeffree Star Brushes and Sponge set from them, it is a Jeffree Star product. Since I am a member of Jeffree’s Website anything further that I need from him I will order directly from him. When the order from the Morphe website arrives I will be posting a photo. I hate going shopping because I have enough stuff until the next launch. Until the next time I find something earth shattering that I need to share I am going to go hide.

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