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Crafty Craziness N Beyond

OK so I wanted to come here and Release some energy, sometimes I am impulsive when I push something to social media and sometimes I kind of regret that impulsiveness because I don’t necessarily always think about others before I think about myself and what I want to get on my social media what kind of attention I may or may not want to get on my social media my interests vary & I’m always exploring new avenues of education for myself whether it be a past interest that has bubbled up again or whether it is something fresh that I’m willing to chase. I have had a wide array of interest over the years whether it be sexual whether it be religious whether it be political whether it be just life and when I say sexual I don’t mean orientation I mean just general curiosity about I am pretty damn certain that men as annoying as they are, are what I am attracted to – that doesn’t mean I’m not going to watch everything that surrounds me but that’s just general observation of people which I’ve always had an interest in and when I lived part-time in the islands I always watched everyone and everything. Religion and spirituality and astrology are also another interest of mine as well as witchcraft wizardry etc. I’ve been curious about it all nothing is out of my realm of interest Whether it be good bad or neutral – So I went to the gym this morning and I got some angst out and it felt much better afterwards-I am going to definitely back on the bad carbs because this girl going the wrong direction I know it’s only a pound and a half difference but it’s good to get on my nerves at some point in life-so today is meeting and ghost hunters-I have made a shortcut for my text slang and I’m looking forward to October as well because there’s gonna be a new ghost paranormal reality so I went to the gym this morning and I got some thanks out and it felt much better after words-I am going to definitely I’m back on the bad carbs because the scales going the wrong direction I know it’s only a pound and a half difference but it’s good to get on my nerves at some point in life-so today is meeting and ghost hunters-I have made a shortcut for my text slaying and I’m looking forward to October as well because there’s going to be a new ghost paranormal reality show on the Travel Channel. It’s definitely heartwarming knowing that there is some good television coming back and it’s not all depressing bullshit drama. I’m not quite sure why but the paranormal actually relaxes me instead of getting me frightened/hyper. It’s educational and interesting same can be said for #LivePD, # CopsTv, etc. the only problem with tonight is that #BH90210 and #Ghost Hunters are on at the same damn time-same can be said in September for #GhostHunters & #DogsMostWanted. I don’t know if #BH90210 going to be renewed for a second season only God and the Powers that be would know that. I shared a few articles to my blog this morning about former President Obama and some drama which she cannot escape which very well could bring him down in a very flamboyant way-speaking of colorful and flamboyancy-the new eyeshadow palette from my friends at BH cosmetics is now out for purchase and she is gorgeous just like her sisters #TakeMeToIbiza I shared a few articles to my blog this morning about former President Obama and some drama which she cannot escape which very well could bring him down in a very flamboyant way-speaking of colorful and flamboyancy-the new eyeshadow palette from my friends at BH cosmetics is now out for purchase and she is gorgeous just like her sisters #TakeMeToIbiza is now available for purchase, I am not getting it because I have other eyeshadow palettes that are very similar and I do not have that particular series of eyeshadow palettes I do have the travel series which is a mini-series mini-series meaning miniature palettes. There is also news about the Philadelphia police department specifically the former commissioner and wow I did not see that coming nor did I see or hear about the fact that the #KOPRail is on hold indefinitely because of money problems and honestly if that bitch never comes through I’ll be Uber happy because I do not like my hometown being turned into Las Vegas even though some of the additions you’re absolutely amazing I think it’s time to stop right now and bring in the Republicans/sane people who give two shits about our neighborhoods in our resident population instead of people who all care about money and making the resident population miserable. End of rant end of blog Until later

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Tuesday Thoughts

Hello and welcome to another addition of my crazy thoughts, this may be titled #TuesdayThoughts, But it was published on Wednesday morning. Reason being is that I am trying to keep my daily publishing record. Which I had going for over 2 1/2 months at one point but somehow I faltered-I don’t know how. Anyway I was very excited this morning insert Tuesday morning, it was the launch of part two of the #JeffreeStarXMorphe collaboration which I know there’s probably going to be much more where that comes from which is awesome but I wish he would slow down on the releases because my wallet cries every time a chunk gets ripped from it. I am the type who likes to keep up with all of my favorite brands. I got two sets of brushes, two cans of setting spray & one eyeshadow palette-that was what I was going to do but then I saw #StrawberryCrush liquid lipstick and #StrawberryGum lip scrub-I did not get to sets of the sponges again because they were the same sponges as the first release just in a new package. Besides I have other sponges on deck that I can use. There of been other things going on today-example looking for decorative furniture that will look better than what I currently have under my television set. I have been following the #JeffreyEpstein situation and I have been following other breaking news, there’s been some craziness going on around CNN and more sexual assault accusations-I know I put one up this morning about Placido Domingo-there’s one coming for Don Lemon and somehow I don’t think we’re done. The Jeffrey Epstein situation is bothering me more than just because he he is a disgusting pedophile it bothers me that he owned property so close to somewhere that I hold dear to my heart that holds many many many memories for me. I don’t know when the last time I talked about the United States Virgin Islands was but Mr. Epstein unfortunately owned property down there in fact he owned his own island down there and the FBI and other federal agents have been doing a search /Investigation of Little St. James which is located close to #Redhook, #SaintThomas,USVI. Anyway I am going to be posting a breaking news article about not only Placido Domingo but Jeffrey Epstein again.

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#TheCrefeldSchool #GenerationNow-

It is in my opinion, that most of today’s “reality TV“-comes from possibly the IQ of some of #GenerationNow-I’m talking about the current generation, sometimes I wonder about the brain cells of the millennial population because a lot of the reality TV today is fucking stupid-I feel bad for the generation who does not understand certain programs because they just May not be popular right now. I am very happy very lucky that I grew up in the 80s and 90s and early 2000’s because I am able to have the memories of TV and of news media that are not biased that are not trying to brainwash do you etc. I am from that generation where #BeverlyHills90210 was a cult favorite & @COPSTV Was the number one rated Saturday night show on fox TV. This is probably going to turn into another rambling rant just like the one that I did regarding #TheCrefeldSchool, I miss the innocence and the way of life back then but sometimes I wonder what it would’ve been like if we had social media back then-I miss the days of innocence. OK so as I said above I have a feeling that this is going to turn into more than just a page entry. Like I said in #TheCrefeldSchool blog entry , I miss the days of innocence I miss the days where we didn’t have to worry about school shootings in America-I know that they’re probably were some interesting domestic terrorism incidents happening but I don’t remember them being on a national scale that they currently are iPhone I feel like America is somewhat pissed off that we have a republican president I feel like there was not the outcry of racism of poverty of white nationalist etc. when we had a Democrat president I feel like people are trying to make mountains out of mole hills when it comes to police brutality in the sense of when the police neutralize a suspect because they pose a threat. Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, any individual who poses a threat to the community to law-enforcement, law-enforcement has the right to neutralize that person for the safety of the officer and the community I don’t necessarily believe that weaponry has to be involved because a verbal threat is just as good in my mind it’s a physical threat if someone promises violence whether it be current or upcoming that is a domestic terrorism threat. When people say that mental illness is the card they pull out of the minion that’s a slap in the face to people who really have a mental illness-and for the record autism is not a mental illness it is a brain dysfunction and everybody on the planet is not mentally L if they have autism if they have any type of brain injury that is not a mental illness-I had an experience yesterday at the grocery store where I was looking for a specific product which was “discontinued“ because apparently it was a trial run at the store anyway I was talking to two different employees of the market and found out that autism and attention deficit disorder/attention deficit hyper active disorder not only are intermingled together but often misdiagnosed for each other. This conversation came up because it was a young boy who was having a meltdown in the grocery store and his parental unit was not paying attention was not doing anything to help the situation-the woman I was talking to, has an eight-year-old grandson-who was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder as a young boy but two years ago which was the same time I figured out my autistic relationship/diagnosis, is when this young boy was rediagnosed with autism. FYI I did the math with my budget this month, and I am able to comfortably purchase collaboration part two tomorrow and I also have other ideas to work towards for October in my scheme of life so I am very happy I am learning how to conserve and not be so damn impulsive #SorryNotSorry If I offend anybody because I am speaking my mind in the beginning of this blog and I will not apologize for having my thoughts about life and the community we live in-speaking of the community we live in my specific community that I’ve lived in for 30+ years, I have definite reservations about everything going on in this community but over the past few years with the growing economically and brick and mortar stores wise-I am very content with what’s going on in my community except for the politics and the excessive building-transportation-it’s going to be a fucking nightmare and the crime and drug community is going to invade my hometown if this fucking septa high-speed line comes through-I’ve been watching intervention: Philadelphia is a six week mini-series and I’m scared that all the drugs and crime/criminals are going to come to the suburban Philadelphia area-yes we might have to hire more police officers yes we might have to hire more security guards but the point is we should not have to deal with the fucking epidemic of drugs in USA Philadelphia in the suburbs and when I say drugs in the USA, I am sad about the opiate epidemic across the country but also I saw something on Twitter this morning about terrorists disguising themselves as refugees. Yeah, that could happen that is horrible. I shared several articles this morning about President Trump and his ideas for immigration the one that I really enjoyed was his handling ideas for green card immigrants, I agree with him when he wants to withhold certain “privileges “ because if you really want to come here for a better life you don’t want to “live off the government“ you shouldn’t be living off the government if you are an immigrant to my country as for the people who are legitimately on disability Social Security etc. God bless you those of you who legitimately are on disability or have a disablement that prevents you from holding a regular job God bless you- anyway I am fortunate that I don’t have any vices anymore except for coffee /Caffeine. As I digress, I am very happy that Kevin Harvick won the race last night at Michigan and it was very cool to see his young son be able to participate in the victory Lane services ceremonies and it would be totally awesome if Keelan had his dream come true. His dream is to raise his daddy on the track someday by being that Kevin Harvick is 43 years old & Keelan is only seven – will daddy still be racing when Keelan is old enough to race with all that being said, I will be back later with more ramblings whenever I feel the urge to drop so thank you for reading and subscribing etc. I will talk to you later…

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Sunday Notez

Hello and welcome back to my blog page, good afternoon everybody, I am home from errands and sitting here with the fan blowing and the dogs snoozing-did a little research this morning on #BeautyRest-Black, oh my god is it royalty prices for those products-do you think that I got to #BeautyRest-Black Standard pillows for $18 at Costco, oh my God it was highway robbery in my favor. There are still stories swirling around about Mr. Jeffrey Epstein. God rest his soul even though he was a pedophile he was a human being and I cannot forget that I know I said some nasty ass things about him recently but I do not like pedophiles or criminals in general to me they are the same as spouses who cheat on their wives or animal abusers etc. speaking of animals, I found a page on Facebook that I’m in love with-but I follow them on Instagram because I have so much going on on Facebook that Instagram is my go-to for some things. Today I am going to be happy be positive and enjoy my life-I have plans for my sanctuary room also known as my bedroom, I want to redecorate a little bit I need to figure out what things I need to change-I have my dream bed. that is nostalgic and very much like my late Nana, she had a cherry wood sleigh bed in a large size I don’t know if it was king or queen or full-size I don’t know but I loved it-in a perfect world, I would have gotten that bad but my siblings needed it more. If I did not have a Pinterest, I don’t know what I would do because it’s wonderful to be able to look at things and be inspired not only buy furniture but my makeup and anything else you can think of it’s on Pinterest-as for my spending shopping addiction I don’t remember the last time I spent money, oh yes it was at hobby lobby the other day when I got my coffee cups-I love those coffee cups I’ve seen things recently since the purchase that I would’ve loved to snatch up but I have refrain because I am saving my money for the new #JeffreeStarXMorpe part Two Collaboration. I know I did a little rumble about his last Snapchat/Instagram post of my speculation ideas opinions I don’t know what you want to call them-I may be wrong but I may be right. With that, being said, I want to thank you as always for putting up with my drama and my craziness, etc. bless you and bless this country-until later stay safe.

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Influencer Opinions

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, I was working on a post in WordPress but I accidentally closed it and the bitch didn’t save haven anyway I have been keeping track of Mr. diva and always keeping track of what’s going on with his laundry, etc. I am excited about the upcoming launch. But I think I have figured a few things out-we all know that #JaclynHill and # MorpheBrushes do a lot of work together or do they? I have a suspicion that her cosmetics brand is either co-owner or controlled by Morphe. Because it’s just a hunch I say this because # JeffreeStar was asked if he has any stake/ownership in the brand -his reply to that was absolutely not… but I can’t say that about #JaclyHillCosmetics and Morphe Brushes plus there have been people speculation about it in the past. Anyway, there was also some talk about what’s coming in the year 2020 #JeffreeStarCosmetics, I am very excited not only for the foundation but the mascara and the eyeliner, etc. I’m sure there are plenty more surprises that we don’t know about. There was something else that I have a suspicion on just like with Jaclyn Hill’s company. Jeffree was apparently approached by a major brand to work behind the scenes for them and no not a collaboration-the company which he would not mention is apparently a brand he’s been wearing for 10 years or so we all know that he got his start with #MacCosmetics -I wonder if that was the company that wanted to buy his but also wanted him to work for them under the radar now i usually don’t do speculation post but this one was way too fucking good to give up or walk past.

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Wednesday Notes

Good afternoon, I got to go out and about a little bit today which kind of eased my anxiousness and I finally got to go to #HobbyLobby- I have been there before but not to my home store. I didn’t buy yarn surprisingly but I did buy my coffee cups, I have been wanting to craft related coffee mugs for a very long time and I finally got them and I spent under $15 which is amazing in itself. Tonight is the big night for us #PeachPit Pals because the 30-year reunion or shall I say the 20-year reunion is finally coming to television. So I just had dinner, I know it’s early for dinner but we eat early, anyway I’m feeling better after my outing and I think I said that at the beginning of this blog but whatever. When we went to Costco I got another set of #NewPillows, so I just had dinner, I know it’s early for dinner but we eat early, anyway I’m feeling better after my outing and I think I said that at the beginning of this blog but whatever. When we went to Costco I got another set of #NewPillows, #BeautyRestBlack- when you have a Chihuahua with unexplained reflux you need to have as many pillows as possible so yeah. I’m also anticipating the new drop from #JeffreeStarXMorphe. Question is when am I going to bite considering I have a shopping addiction-people might say I don’t need another collaboration collection but when you’re a makeup junkie and you want to be up-to-date as possible, yes you do need it. Right now it’s storming which is fine I don’t mind spring and summer thunderstorms. What I don’t like is a cold rain. Right now I am watching #AETV and specifically #PsychicKids: children of the paranormal episode is the house of spirits. Coming up after that is #Ghost Hunters, not the revitalized ghost hunters the original ghost hunters which I will be watching until the big one which is #BH90210 Until later I’m out of here I may be back later tonight I may not be. Have a great day great night I’ll talk to y’all tomorrow.

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Tuesday Rambling

OK good afternoon/evening, I am sitting here watching television and hanging out with the dogs-all three of them. I am bored off my ass for some reason restless etc. I don’t really know why I’m restless. There’s nothing happening that would drive me crazy-#JeffreeStarXMorphe collaboration part two had me excited because I wanted to see how he’s going to help the #Jawbreaker Collection.-I am surprised that the collaboration part two doesn’t have more components but it’s a pretty great collection as it is and I am purchasing. With the first brush collaboration, I bought two sets along with two sets of the sponges. Responders are coming back but they look exactly the same so I’m not going to get them-I to have enough sponges but I’m definitely getting two sets of the brushes. They are beautiful, I’m going to get two of the setting spray and one eyeshadow palette. Even though I love this upcoming collection I wish they would’ve waited a little bit longer because #TheStarFamily is still in a frenzy over #Jawbreaker. In other news, I am not going out tonight even though it is #NationalNightOut, This morning when I get my cardio I got a first look at the space and after the #JeffreeStarXMorphe Grand opening, I am not really in the mood to have a hoedown with people that I don’t know. I don’t care if they’re on my township neighbors, I’ve had enough of hobnobbing with strangers this month/semester-speaking of hobnobbing with unknowns, the area for this is bigger than #JeffreeStarXMorphe party. Like I said this morning, it’s not that I am not supportive of my community of the police, it’s simply that I don’t want to be in this situation especially with the past few days and the mass shootings around the country. Speaking of the mass shootings, I am sick and tired of the damn political ping-pong ball that keeps going back-and-forth between Democrats and Republicans when they start pointing fingers and throwing accusations and blame. There was something I shared on one of my Twitter accounts about some guy tweeting out death threats towards somebody else and certain platforms don’t give a fuck about people’s content but then they do give a fuck about the First Amendment when there’s no hatred or negativity in it. I am blessed that to my knowledge I have not gotten shadowbanned anywhere-Kim Jong Un has reportedly said that the latest missile strike test was a warning towards the United States? I just don’t wanna think about that kind of ish. And I don’t know why today but today was one of those days where I was frustrated for an unknown reason whether it was anxious about the collaboration launch News or something other than that I’m on aware of. I think this is turning into a rambling blog which is fine because that is helping me dump my thoughts. Every time I see a tweet go by I get frustrated because of peoples opinions and reviews. I know we are all entitled to have our own opinions on views etc. that is what is awesome about my country but it doesn’t mean that something won’t frustrate the fuck out of me even for no reason. When I thought about writing a new blog tonight, it was going to be all about the Chihuahua because I had to give her a bath tonight-she ended up playing with her dinner which is plain yogurt. Apparently, she head-butted her dinner. So I gave her a bath and used lemon-scented soap so I have a lemon-scented Chihuahua. Tomorrow I think I said this already but #BH90210, welcome home gang. With that I think I’m signing off for the night-I might do some more knitting, or I may just relax-I don’t know yet but I will update everybody tomorrow-thank you for listening.

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#JeffreeStarXMorphe -The Reveal

so as promised I came back with the video from Mr. diva. I am very excited and I am purchasing this but I am going to wait a little bit-probably going to get two of the brush sets because I got two of the brush sets before. Considering I got two of the beauty sponge trio, and there’s nothing different about the new beauty sponge trio I am not getting those, if I want pink beauty blenders I can get them down the road. I’m definitely impressed with the 30 shade eyeshadow palette which has shadows that are not available anywhere else. Yes please decide I love the Jeffree Star and Morphe shadow formula-I’m almost surprised that he did not include any lipsticks any setting powders etc. but with that being said I did the tally on prices and to my tally I’m only going to spend $137 total that is including the brush sets . Love this but it’s affordable. So I hope you enjoy the video below

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Tuesday Notes V1

Good morning and happy Tuesday, yes tonight is #NationalNightOut, but I am not going just because I’m an old fart. Nighttime is when I relax I work on knitting blogging etc. hobnobbing with people that I don’t necessarily or may not necessarily want to be with is not something I want to participate in. I support my community I love my police department, I love all first responders but I don’t want to put myself in that space. Yes, there is a big #JeffreeStarXMorphe collaboration announcement today I am looking forward to that I am also aware that I need to watch my spending. I shop just because not necessarily because I need something or want something sometimes I just shop can you spend money. So I just went to Starbucks and got a refill on ice water in my own personal cup, and I also got a shot # NitroCoffee so I am definitely going to be ugly moving today because I think one shot of nitro is going to power me through the day we help. So tomorrow is the big day that all of us # PeachPitPals have been waiting for since forever! Now we all know that it has been barely just over five months since we all lost #DylanMcKay, #LukePerry. Everyone says that it’s not going to be the same without him, I understand completely but they are going to pay homage to him they are going to commemorate him, etc. I don’t think they could do this episode or series without mentioning him somewhere- I am not a big fan of Riverdale, but I will be watching the season premiere because #ShannenDoherty Will be doing the guest spot Should be very interesting and tear jerker-for me it takes a lot to cry even though I do get very upset it to Homes so we will see. Should be very interesting and tearjerker-for me it takes a lot to cry even though I do get very upset it to Homes so we will see. Today, I am going to continue my knitting and enjoying life-so I’m at the mall as I’m dictating this paper and Salvatore Ferragamo is replacing Marc Cain in the Corredor. Every time I go past Louis Vuitton, I think of # JeffreeStar and his visit here, he is a hurricane of awesome no matter what people say about him in the past, etc. when I’ve experienced his products his Personna, I have not been upset but discouraged, etc. there are things that I still Plus Dafter for my beauty area-the question is will I obtain certain stuff-do I want to spend the money to get my dream vanity area? I would love to have it but I don’t necessarily want to spend oodles of dollars to glam and area right now but my bedroom/living space is my sanctuary and I wish I could be in there more often because the current situation has zero privacy. #ForTheLoveOfMyDogs, I am sleeping on the couch indefinitely. In the future, I can see myself being in my room more often bringing certain things into my space and spending a majority of my time in my sanctuary. I don’t have anything else to say right now, but I do plan on sharing the #JeffreeStarXMorphe collaboration part two as soon as possible. I just want to see how Mr. Diva tops the #Jawbreaker collection.

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Good evening everybody this is an impromptu blog/message, I just learned about something new coming for us all in #TheStarFamily, looking forward to this new release/reveal-I am eager to see what’s coming up but I am going to be conservative about purchase because I have done a lot lately and with my shopping addiction I want to scale back some being that I just went through my lipsticks and I am in the process of organizing-most of my lipsticks, are from #NYXCosmetics because I was or am I don’t know my status a product reviewer with that being said I have not gotten a PR Box in a while and they used to be quarterly. I’m not going to worry about that PR Box because honestly, I don’t use NYX Cosmetics as much as other brands. It would be awesome sauce to get on another #PRList. So with that little ditty being said I am going to skedaddle for the night and will definitely get back with everything that I learned tomorrow. Have a blessed evening and thank you for listening/reading I appreciate everyone very very much.