Triple Day Rambling Tea

Good Morning and Happy Sunday, I am working my tail off today just as any other day of the week. Thankfully, the weather is being somewhat kind as it is above freezing. Meaning that I don’t need to get hot coffee. Though because of another twisted ankle, I’m going slow as molasses. Last night, IContinue reading “Triple Day Rambling Tea”

Saturday Thoughts

Dear friends, I am sitting here watching television and thinking about the day which was pretty good even though it got off to a rocky start. Thankful for my assortment of resources, this morning I had my usual house coffee instead of the holiday latte. Last night I was watching a live broadcast from Bonnie.Continue reading “Saturday Thoughts”

Cosmetics X Opinions II

Dear friends and followers, I am sitting here following tweets about The conspiracy/controversy release. I am not surprised that this Has sold out on many websites. I think the new unit number was sadly sadly underestimated hoping to sell Elle in just over two hours availability and with Shane whining about being afraid he wasn’tContinue reading “Cosmetics X Opinions II”

Cosmetics And Opinions

OK friends, I have been thinking-I know that is a scary scary thought, especially on Halloween. I have been thinking very much about cosmetics and influencers on YouTube also on Twitter etc. and I have been voicing my opinion about Shane Dawson collaborating with Jeffree Star and why I am not going to be gettingContinue reading “Cosmetics And Opinions”

Influencer Opinions

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, I was working on a post in WordPress but I accidentally closed it and the bitch didn’t save haven anyway I have been keeping track of Mr. diva and always keeping track of what’s going on with his laundry, etc. I am excited about the upcoming launch. But I thinkContinue reading “Influencer Opinions”

#JeffreeStarXMorphe -The Reveal

so as promised I came back with the video from Mr. diva. I am very excited and I am purchasing this but I am going to wait a little bit-probably going to get two of the brush sets because I got two of the brush sets before. Considering I got two of the beauty spongeContinue reading “#JeffreeStarXMorphe -The Reveal”

Tuesday Notes V1

Good morning and happy Tuesday, yes tonight is #NationalNightOut, but I am not going just because I’m an old fart. Nighttime is when I relax I work on knitting blogging etc. hobnobbing with people that I don’t necessarily or may not necessarily want to be with is not something I want to participate in. IContinue reading “Tuesday Notes V1”


Good evening everybody this is an impromptu blog/message, I just learned about something new coming for us all in #TheStarFamily, looking forward to this new release/reveal-I am eager to see what’s coming up but I am going to be conservative about purchase because I have done a lot lately and with my shopping addiction IContinue reading “#JeffreeStarXMorphe”

Morphe Extentions

Good afternoon everybody, just sitting here watching #MTV, Thinking about everything that is going on this weekend-Hurricane Jeffree was absolutely amazing and even though I did not get to see him in the flesh/in person, it’s just energizing that I was in the same room with him same building as him-today has been very interestingContinue reading “Morphe Extentions”

Campfire N Recovery

Good afternoon everybody, welcome back to my blog-I am spending today recovering from hurricane Jeffree and calling him #HurricaneJeffree is a complement, I also want to complement #MorpheKOP because it was an amazing epic day yesterday and even though I dropped out early, I had a fucking blast. I got my $65+ plus bag ofContinue reading “Campfire N Recovery”