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Morphe Chaos

Okay so i started this series of entries a few weeks back when the Jawbreaker Collection from Jeffree Star was released, I have been following Jeffree for a long time but just started collecting his stuff within the last few months. I have many items which are all posted on Instagram. Today I received my order that was supposed to be the backup mini breaker in case the JSC order never arrived but it was the Jaclyn Hill Master Collection of brushes which is going back because I don’t support her. Anyway, I did come home with the full-size Jawbreaker eyeshadow palette and Caramel Kisses highlighter. Who really knows what if anything is next from the collection and or Jeffree Star because he is amazing i don’t know where my make up collection is going next but I know that I have two more palettes coming from BH cosmetics, I am addicted to shopping to make up and yarn. But for right now I think mama needs a nap so I will finish the next blog post as soon as possible and have it published as soon as possible

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JSC Jawbreaker And Beyond

Good afternoon, after over two weeks of waiting, my package finally arrived-I am still debating on getting the full-size or not-I love Jeffree’s products and even though this was a very frustrating experience, I am very happy it finally arrived. I am going to wear some shadow from the jawbreaker collection tomorrow as I will be happy it is going to be Friday. Also waiting for my order from BH Cosmetics , I got the two eyeshadow palettes from the second installment of the travel series. Yeah I make up obsessed and no I’m not sorry about it because once I have a collection started-I need to finish it I need to continue it I need to have everything. So this morning I got some cardio exercise, I got the limited addition/limited time available tie-dye Frappuccino which it supposed to taste like banana but to me it tasted like cotton candy-I don’t knowMaybe a Very ripe banana. Over the past few days I’ve had some Carbohydrate overload so I need to whip my ass back into shape between the parties and extra food in the house for various reasons-no Bueno. Last night when I was relaxing in bed, I was thinking about the president-no, not in the way- last night when I was relaxing in bed, I was thinking about the president-no not in that way, just in general about his presidency, etc. I realize this a long time ago that it is not one race, one religion, one gender, one orientation-it is a few bad apples from each genre shall we say that has put a negative stigma on certain things, they’re not all bad it’s a certain group that makes it all look bad when it’s not. I have zero problems with anyone in the human race I except you regardless of your religion your race your really something I take into consideration when I want to be friends with you it doesn’t matter to me at all-I grew apart time in the US Virgin Islands, I am very acutely aware of the different religions different races different orientations etc. I look at a person for that person-if you have something in common with me I like you if there something that we can talk about we can get along with and your okay in my book. As for the president, I keep getting text messages about campaigns etc. about Republican versus Democrat and money, donations yada yada-I must say that the Democrats are driving me absolutely insane with their asinine bullshit ideas of changing things if they get into power which God willing hopefully they will not because they don’t respect the boundaries and the law of the land they want to eliminate certain things they keep this country and our territory is very safe -AOC wants to do away with homeland security etc. and I know they want open borders etc. and it makes me sick to see what’s happening in California New York etc. any state that’s run by democrats who decides that they can make their own rules under the United States government-I don’t think so buddy I don’t think you understand what it really means to be governor of the united state. With those of you who have problem with the original American flag-screw you, Betsy Ross designed that flag specifically for the 13 original colonies and somewhere on EMH1776PR / Elle SilverStone is that photo where it is explained in a diagram. Looking back at the reason I started this specific entry was to talk about the Jeffree star cosmetics/jawbreaker collection-the same Instagram is where I display certain cosmetic, food, product photos though with all the rambling finished I’m going to sign off and go get some other work done. Still going to be digging up some teen mom related stuff because there’s never a dull moment obviously. Have a blessed weekend y’all if I don’t write a journal entry until next week.

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JSC Update Etc

Good morning, I had a rather busy day yesterday because I got the shipment notice of my mid June Jeffree Star Cosmetics order, So I had to call my credit card company and cancel the dispute but in the meantime I had ordered the same product from my friends at Morphe. So I have two mini breakers and a concealer coming-Thank God I have a brick-and-mortar Morphe down the street from my house practically live in King of Prussia Mall is 2 miles from my residence practically. Anyway I know that I probably spent too much on make up but their somethings I just have to have because I have the collection started from Wayback win and those collections I just had to so I have completes. I know that Apple is playing God on what we can and cannot view on our devices but I have decided that I am not getting an android/Windows device because I think there’s tricks around it where I can access my sites. I was disturbed this morning when I found an article about teen mom OG cast member Amber-I was disturbed by the domestic violence arrest to start with but now apparently her longtime boyfriend is going to file for sole custody of their toddler. Is is according to page 6. Life is interesting and you never know what is going to be thrown at you. When I was speaking about collections, I am speaking about the travel series from BH cosmetics. I have 2/3 of the first leg of the collection and I am going to invest in 2/3 of the next leg of the collection. Aside from the cosmetic collection that is growing out of my room, I love collecting urine because you never know when you need to knit a gift for somebody. My inventory has exploded because there have been so many good deals lately and there are so many beautiful new colorways. Walmart has become my new best friend when it comes to yarn shopping. I must admit, that I do not go out brick-and-mortar shopping as much anymore because shopping online is so easy sometimes too easy, but when I need to return something-specifically when I’m going to return extra palette- I’m very happy that we have a location. So far this morning/afternoon I’ve spent knitting and drinking coffee-also looking at different articles of quarters for the blog-there’s one with California situation where they are going to allow illegal immigrants to have health insurance which I completely disagree with I completely disagree with a lot of things going on in democratic states I think the democratic states are very anti-American. I just posted something on #AmericanBadA i’m very happy that we have a location. So far this morning/afternoon I’ve spent knitting and drinking coffee-also looking at different articles of coarse for the blog-there’s one with California situation where they are going to allow illegal immigrants to have health insurance which I completely disagree with a lot of things going on in democratic states I think the democratic states are very anti-American. I just posted something on #AmericanBadAzz with regard to the American flag and the original design an explanation from Betsy Ross. So aside from an interesting article, I find on my apps I will say goodbye for now and talk to y’all when I have something interesting important to say. Sayonara friends.

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JSC Short #Jawbreaker etc

Hey everyone, yesterday was the launch of the long-awaited jawbreaker Collection by a friend in my head Jeffree Star. Ever since I started my make up/Cosmetics journey I have liked Mr. Diva, I know he’s controversial I know he’s flamboyant I know he’s no bullshit which I like people that don’t know bullshit. I have some of his items and I will continue to grow my collection in his line, I do have plans to add some #JawbreakerCollection items to my arsenal when the bank account will allow. I am very excited for those fans who were able to pick it up on launch. There are some things that I am going to go into slowly with that collection because I already have a lot of product from other brands that I frequent all the time. Plus I’ve added four new Brands to my collection this season and I don’t add new brands that often. I really do my research on the brand before I add them to my make up trolleys. I’ve been focusing a lot on my outdoor space I have been adding yarn to my yarn inventory and I have been working on my health mainly my fluids etc. I’ve gotten into coconut water and coffee more. So as I write this I’m sitting out in my yard with my dogs. I know also that Morphe is somewhat controversial because they’ve had hit and miss products especially with Jaclyn Hill. I have posted some things about that entire situation on the blog before and I’m sure that situation is not complete because as far as I am aware she has not had the balls or the peace of mind to recall any of her tainted products-I have not bought anything Morphe since my travel brush set. And even though I ordered the Jeffree Star Brushes and Sponge set from them, it is a Jeffree Star product. Since I am a member of Jeffree’s Website anything further that I need from him I will order directly from him. When the order from the Morphe website arrives I will be posting a photo. I hate going shopping because I have enough stuff until the next launch. Until the next time I find something earth shattering that I need to share I am going to go hide.

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Cosmetics/Tiny house

OK so I just did an survey and one of the questions was about beauty blogging-yes I do and I blog about other things too but this is going to be about Cosmetics and the like. I have been wanting to try Mr. Jeffrey Star OK so I just did an survey and one of the questions was about beauty blogging-yes I do and I blog about other things too but this is going to be about Cosmetics and the like. I have been wanting to try Jeffree Star Cosmetics for a wild now and now that I have #BloodSugar, and that I have ordered magic concealer-in shade c9 because both and http://www.JeffreeStarCosmetics Are currently sold out Love my two shade matches C7/C8- I went today to the first website mentioned and I finally broke down and got my Jeffree star brushes and sponges. So excited about that also excited for the new just released “Shake Your Palm-Palms mini travel palette from our friends at Too Faced Cosmetics! I did not think I would spend this much money on Cosmetics this month but even though some were impulse, They are items that I’ve been thinking about for a long time just never a bit ammunition a.k.a. bullet. Life is been pretty good lately and I’m looking forward to a better month next-I am getting in good shape I am being healthy I making the right choices etc. and my kids are happy and healthy which is making me happy. I don’t know why, but it seems like the passing of Diamond Lynn Star just might be the reason why I chose now to invest in Jeffree Star Cosmetics -Speaking of which and authenticity of product, I have seen a lot of ish on eBay, With the moniker 100% authentic-I don’t know if I’d spend my money on a day on these products because I’ve had bad luck with eBay purchases when it comes to cosmetics in the past they’ve all been 100% fake stolen crap-in fact when I saw that shit on eBay, I sent a message via Twitter to Jeffree and his cosmetics company because they have put out warnings before about purchasing on different platforms. I’m always cautious ever since I got fucked over on eBay. I had to spend hundreds of dollars to replace the items that I thought were authentic before anyway as I digress just an FYI even though I have an outdoor space where I can relax without being interrupted, for the most part, I am still kind of dreaming of a bitch she shed/cabin hey Fan I don’t know but I tell you something next I’m going to start saving as if I was going to get something but not necessarily meaning that I will I’m just going to act like it-I am finished spending for the month and maybe just maybe there will be pictures of my make up area coming in the near future I just got to see her I feel about revealing that space.

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SheSheds, SheSpace And Tiny House Living #JeffreeStar

Over the past few days I have been obsessed with my she shed area which is really a she space because according to management, I do not need a separate structure on our property. I’ve been drooling over photos I’ve seen on Instagram and Pinterest-some of them really have caught my eye because I have always had a pipe dream to live in a tiny house. Granted in the winter I get really claustrophobic and don’t like being cooped up indoors wearing multiple layers of clothing-I am happiest when it is 72 and sunny where I have minimal but conservative clothing on. I am no spring chicken which means I cannot wear all those skimpy outfits anymore-kind of sad about that sometimes. Anyway I have actually shared a few fines on eBay to my website about some horse trailers that actually have living spaces in them-why don’t they make single horse living space trailers? Anyway I’d have to be a millionaire to purchase the proper tiny house whether it be a horse trailer or a Winnebago or just a cabin up to my standards so since I’m not ever going to be a millionaire, I will have to settle for my sheets to bas anyway I’d have to be a millionaire to purchase the proper tiny house whether it be a horse trailer or a Winnebago or just a cabin up to my standards so since I’m not ever going to be a millionaire, I will have to settle for with my she space. Onto the # section of this entry, Jeffree star- I have followed him since I began my little obsession with beauty/health skin care. I know he is controversial as is Kat Von D. But this month I added both beauty lines to my arsenal and I am not ashamed to say that I’m in love with the products that I’ve gotten. I am a bargain shopper I do buy things off Posh mark and I am always careful about what I buy-I know that there have been some scam artists with fake product or stolen product but i’m always very careful with what I buy everywhere. There’s even bullshit on eBay in the way of fake make up etc. don’t even get me started on the Amazon bullshit with regard to free shipping on certain items. As I am dictating this entry , I am sitting in my porch room and I’m loving life. A few hours ago, Jeffree Starr and his boyfriend Nathan announced the passing of one of their Pomeranian children… Diamond Lynn Star passed away several days ago my guess is a heart attack from what I gathered off the video. It has been reported that Diamond was the runt of the litter in the puppy mill industry and she was born with a smaller an average heart she also suffered from alopecia-as a pet parent, I know the pain that they are going through. I have been through it twice in my life and I know I’m gonna go through it again a few more times and as a doggy mom, I’m not looking forward to it but I know that when that time comes for my children, that my dad my Nana and everyone else that I’ve loved is up there waiting to take care of my babies. with all that said my life is good, I am happy I am being productive and I have a plethora of fresh yarn that came into my inventory within the past couple days. I went on a little shopping bench this month with regard to Cosmetics and yarn and protein cookies. Protein cookies, something that I’ve learned is a wonderful snack and it can be a meal replacement depending on your lifestyle. Since January I have lost 18 pounds and I am planning to lose another 5 to 10. Whether I drop more than 10 pounds is up to God because I know that my weight loss will stop when my body is comfortable. This is LGBTQ pride month, I am not in the community but I definitely support The community. Vice President Pence had made a few statements about the LGBT flag a.k.a. the pride flag and how he feels that it is inappropriate for it to be flown at certain locations which I heavily disagree with. In my mind, his feelings towards the flying of the pride flag in certain locations is prejudiced against the men and women who are in the community yes I did vote for Trump/Pence in the year 2016-a decision that I’m not quite sure what I think of right now but I know that having Donald and Michael in the White House right now is better than the alternative that we had the options of. I am disgusted with some of the things they have done but I also think that we are better off with Mr. Donald J Trump as our commander-in-chief. I know the Liberals don’t believe that Mr. Trump was or is the perfect president-there is no such thing as a perfect anybody whether it be president or governor or mayor or supervisor whatever you are there is no perfect anything and if you think that then you are crazy. anyhow I look forward to the 2019 autumn election and I look forward to the elections in the future but as an election season employee of the county, I sometimes just sit there and shake my head when it comes to the ballot system, the voting system in my home state. I know that a lot of places have gone to the paper ballots successfully but dear Lord, it was a complete fiasco in my jurisdictions. Now looking at my personal life, I did have a date in April which I blogged about that was not very successful obviously because I’m still single or shall I say single again depending on which way you look at it, I am having a great time talking to different people sometimes I take a mental else break when I’m talking to someone just to see if the feelings I have for them are real or not because I know that people say almost anything these days and you never really freaking know who you were talking to which is probably why MTV and catfish have going on this long-people have not learned. I have been on the Internet socializing since I was 20 something I’m now 40 something and over that time, I’ve met a lot of interesting people some are still on my Facebook friends list and some have them blocked and those that have been blocked have probably been cursed out because they betrayed me in one fashion or another. It’s kind of crazy how people think that OK so I’ve been talking to this person for a week and I want to meet them but during that week it is not consistent and you don’t have that much information about the other-I’m not gonna meet you after one week of talking, I want to get to know somebody-I want to know who I’m going to meet especially that it is my golden rule to have them come to my turf . The reason I will not meet someone anywhere else besides my turf is because I have allies, If something goes wrong I know someone had my back then I’m safe and oh by the way I don’t give out my personal phone number to anybody unless I’ve been friends with you for a very long while. It’s either Kik, Skype or Google voice. But as I digress, I’m sitting outside still and I smell bonfire or gas or something but it’s not enough to do anything about it since I don’t know where the heck it’s coming from. So enough rambling from this little chickie, I bid you farewell until next time.

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PoshMark/Jeffree Star @JeffreeStarCosmestics

Dear @JeffreeStarCosmetics I saw the video from JS on Snapchat. I agree with him that anyone who really sells the product for double or triple the value but I don’t think it’s inappropriate for fans to purchase multiples & sell some or a gift some. Whether it be a mirror or an eyeshadow palette etc. yes limits need to be set but most other companies there’s a limit of six in most cases- when someone purchases 20 mirrors that’s a red flag but if someone purchases the customer limit I don’t see any damn problem. Jeffree should be thankful for his customers, not criticizing others. We don’t go on our social media and criticize him

also other sales of different brands have been doubled or tripled and I have never gone for the double or triple obviously. I understand some Companies getting upset that people resell their items but they need to realize that it’s not a crime. I think it is the responsibility of the platform to someone regulate the prices with regard to maximum Price tags so that customers don’t get price couched-there’s regulations on how high you can price your gas-there needs to be regulations on how high you are allowed to resell a product.