Ulta Commentary #NyxCosmetics Etc

OK so I’m in Ulta, and I had a fleeting thought about #NyxCosmetics I have The #SwearByIt eyeshadow palette, and I’m looking at but seriously debating because I don’t necessarily need the #ModernDreamer eyeshadow palette. The reason I don’t necessarily need it is I probably 99% chance have those colors in another palette or palettes along with the fact that it is a strong dupe for my beloved #JawbreakerPalette by Mr. diva. I know I’ve had conflicting opinions and thoughts about #NyxCosmetics over the past few months. But I will be honest they have quality products along with my friends over at #BHCosmetics and my new favorite current go-to is #MorpheBrushes. But again looking back at the colors I have in the various eyeshadow palette’s, I am not going to load up on certain brands because I like to have different formulas. One of these days I am going to get into my beauty area and do some serious work on organization. Working on an organization is going to be interesting with or without any assistance because of the queen, She doesn’t give me much time to myself so I have to think and plan things out. I’m doing some research on storage- storage in the sense of my lipsticks, they are not organized really an organized at all. In fact, I’m contemplating getting individual caboodles for each brand. Ulta does have small ones which are only $9.99. It has come to the point where I have to organize and delegate by the drawer. Thinking about the consolidation of brands. Thinking about #SoldAt separations. In an upcoming Instagram post, I am going to show some of the things I found this morning-mainly the #NYXCosmetics eyeshadow palette #Dreamer which is a sister eyeshadow palette to #SwearByIt. I have probably talked about #DreamerPalate before when I was talking about #JeffreeStarCosmetics #JawbreakerCollection. I know many different companies try to do a copycat eyeshadow palette too many of the high-end companies but there are times when it’s necessary to pay the money for the high-end brand because nine times out of 10, the high-end brand is the best and the most quality. I will admit that I have gone with the cheaper/copycat brands with some eyeshadow palettes because I didn’t wanna spend over a certain price for a number of shadows. And when you go with the lower-priced brand it does not necessarily mean cheaper quality, but I will not buy the crap they are selling at Claire’s or Icing for a multitude of reasons. As an influencer and as a makeup the consumer and as someone who loves beauty products no matter if the skincare or makeup itself, I look for a product that works for me. That is why I have stuck with #TarteCosmetics-Skincare, it may be pricey, but it works for me and that’s what matters. Besides #MorpheBrushes formula, I love #BHCosmetics’s formula. I just thought about the fact that this was supposed to be a quick journal entry but it has gone bananas. With that being said I’m going to sign off and get back to knitting but I am going to post a few things on the #EMH1776 Instagram.

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