Instagram Covid19 Drama

OK I posted this to my page but did not necessarily fully explain it. The above pictures are of an Instagram influencer who I quickly unfollowed after only following a few days. I was very shocked that she would be so ignorant as to travel and take her family to another country where we know there are coronavirus/Covid19 infections. Me myself, would I travel at this point no I wouldn’t even though I want to remove myself from this current position I’m in. Traveling is not advised by the government by the local or federal. I saw a clip on Twitter about socialism and capitalism and if Bernie Sanders gets elected that this could be A permanent situation and I remember tweeting that what would happen if Joe Biden got elected would it be the same as “status quo under the coronavirus situation. Anyway I don’t give two shits whether this influencer gets mad because she had over 120 comments that were from followers or former followers that are very upset with her decisions. 

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