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Saturday Night/Sunday Morning 

Okay so I can say that last night was definitely an interesting one because the neighbors had their weekend party as scheduled apparently and since I live down the street I get the free ticket to the not so entertaining evening. When I’m trying to unwind from a long day I usually enjoy the quiet. Anyhow I didn’t bother with any phone calls because I don’t want them to get the wrong impression but I will say that I don’t really appreciate the fact that my formerly quiet woodsy neighborhood has turned into weekend party central. 

Anyhow this morning is going pretty well I woke up to some periscope broadcasts from Jeff Gluck + Deano,now the pup and I are watching Tabloid with Jerry Springer. Hopefully the weather going to be a better day weather wise. I’ll be back closer to event time. Definitely going to put my opinions up about the Pocono event