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Hello April

OK so I have been semi-quiet on my brain lately even though I have some thoughts from last week still tumbling around. Thoughts about the Delaware County Wawa domestic violence homicide also the mother-daughter situation In Chester County- I am also in the process of working with a nutrition company. I deleted MeetMe again because I was not happy about the community I have no problem with anyone unless you are in my country illegally or running illegal businesses etc. but with respect to MeetMe-the platform is definitely not what it used to be-many moons ago it was one of the best social media outlets outside of Facebook and Twitter. Anyway onto other things, my dogs are doing wonderfully even though they are a little crazy which is kind of good since I am too. My 13-year-old has decided to be come a picky eater, My two-year-old has decided to learn from the 13-year-old that licking mommy is a good thing to do in the morning. So I posted a few articles today-trying to stay away from the political drama as election season is coming up. I feel as if I post too much political mumbo-jumbo, I am going to drive myself insane more than my current situations are driving me bonkers. My current situations are not that bad it’s just with my OCD & everything else I over think everything. I’m already in bed with the girls so honestly, I don’t know when will be going to sleep it could be in the next 20 minutes it could be in the next 4 hours.

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Murder at Wawa: Chesco man arraigned on 1st-degree murder rap in ex-wife’s fatal shooting | News |

A Chester County man charged with gunning down his ex-wife inside a Wawa in Radnor last week was preliminarily arraigned at bedside at Crozer-Chester Medical Center on first-degree murder and
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Dear Phuckers who think it’s okay to steal or receive mail packages that are not addressed to you, you committed a federal offense asshole-this isn’t the first time and it probably won’t be the last. Friday I got a notification that something I ordered online had been delivered, no it hadn’t because it wasn’t in my box. I have a feeling that it was put in someone else’s mailbox and that someone else doesn’t have the honesty it takes to say “oops this isn’t for me, I need to put this bag in the mailbox. I am very suspicious that it’s one of my neighbors because we have actually gotten photo evidence in the past where something that was ordered for me was on their doorstep. Anyway since this was a specific rant I’m going to end this post and definitely keep y’all updated on any new developments. By the way, there is going to be another journal post coming so stay tuned.

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University Of Pennsylvania Student Contracts Mumps, Unrelated To Temple Outbreak – CBS Philly

University Of Pennsylvania Student Contracts Mumps, Unrelated To Temple Outbreak – CBS Philly
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Upper Merion Twp Citizen TaskForce

So a few days ago I created a new page for residents of Upper Merion Twp who are frustrated with certain things going on in our community. It’s called #UpperMerionTwpCitizenTaskForce aka @UMTwpCTF which is a new Facebook page and will be on Twitter under the handle @UMTwpCitizen. Anyhow there are a plethora of things happening in my home community in which I’ve been very frustrated. Political situations and Economic situations. A lot of the things I sporadically come across in our community groups tend to frustrate me. I’ve actually been more less dressed down by an admin from Upper Merion Supports It’s Community when I challenged the subject of a post. Another member made a post where he inquired to the public what their opinions were of an educator. Excuse me but that’s not something that you go public with. Request a private meeting with said educator. Anyhow, the admin of the group basically defend the member then turned off comments. FYI the admin had not attended UMAHS nor do I think she is a township resident. Anyway, I don’t think there should be people in certain groups unless they have a connection. I have lived in the township since 1985 and have actually attended a Twp / District school. I also fully support our law enforcement and first responders. With regard to the big ole shopping mecca that I have patronized for decades, usually I am in full support of what happens with regard to the shopping in our township but certainly, things, in my opinion, have gone absolutely haywire. So many stores are closing in the mall and Y’all aren’t being kept in the loop. Every time I get to the mall, I make a point of taking photos of any dead/dying store. If I’m not there, my mom will update me. Anyhow things aren’t as well as the township supervisors are telling us. I have decided to take it into my own hands with the help of some of my Facebook family. @kop_mall #KingofPrussiaMall- @simonmalls @simonpropertygp #SimonMallsAndPropertyGroup

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Bryn Mawr Man Arrested for Assault At Lankenau Medical Center | TAPinto

Wynnewood, Lower Merion Township, PA — Police responded to 100 E. Lancaster Ave., Wynnewood to the report of a disorderly man.  LMPD official report that a man was arrested and charged with simple…
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