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Dog wardens to conduct license, rabies compliance checks in Chester County | Local News |

WEST CHESTER — The Chester County Treasurer’s Office is issuing a courtesy notice that dog wardens will canvass homes in Chester County the week of April 22 to ensure all
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Dear Phuckers who think it’s okay to steal or receive mail packages that are not addressed to you, you committed a federal offense asshole-this isn’t the first time and it probably won’t be the last. Friday I got a notification that something I ordered online had been delivered, no it hadn’t because it wasn’t in my box. I have a feeling that it was put in someone else’s mailbox and that someone else doesn’t have the honesty it takes to say “oops this isn’t for me, I need to put this bag in the mailbox. I am very suspicious that it’s one of my neighbors because we have actually gotten photo evidence in the past where something that was ordered for me was on their doorstep. Anyway since this was a specific rant I’m going to end this post and definitely keep y’all updated on any new developments. By the way, there is going to be another journal post coming so stay tuned.

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Illegal Dumping Library Dumpster

This is a link to the Nextdoor app, a neighbor of ours saw people illegally disposing of their own personal belongings in a public dumpster-not cool, not funny and not legal so an effort to find these rascals I’m sharing this tenfold-if you know anything about this or no the perpetrators please do the right thing and contact the library or contact the police department.


Saturday Night/Sunday Morning 

Okay so I can say that last night was definitely an interesting one because the neighbors had their weekend party as scheduled apparently and since I live down the street I get the free ticket to the not so entertaining evening. When I’m trying to unwind from a long day I usually enjoy the quiet. Anyhow I didn’t bother with any phone calls because I don’t want them to get the wrong impression but I will say that I don’t really appreciate the fact that my formerly quiet woodsy neighborhood has turned into weekend party central. 

Anyhow this morning is going pretty well I woke up to some periscope broadcasts from Jeff Gluck + Deano,now the pup and I are watching Tabloid with Jerry Springer. Hopefully the weather going to be a better day weather wise. I’ll be back closer to event time. Definitely going to put my opinions up about the Pocono event