JSC Jawbreaker And Beyond

Good afternoon, after over two weeks of waiting, my package finally arrived-I am still debating on getting the full-size or not-I love Jeffree’s products and even though this was a very frustrating experience, I am very happy it finally arrived. I am going to wear some shadow from the jawbreaker collection tomorrow as I will be happy it is going to be Friday. Also waiting for my order from BH Cosmetics , I got the two eyeshadow palettes from the second installment of the travel series. Yeah I make up obsessed and no I’m not sorry about it because once I have a collection started-I need to finish it I need to continue it I need to have everything. So this morning I got some cardio exercise, I got the limited addition/limited time available tie-dye Frappuccino which it supposed to taste like banana but to me it tasted like cotton candy-I don’t knowMaybe a Very ripe banana. Over the past few days I’ve had some Carbohydrate overload so I need to whip my ass back into shape between the parties and extra food in the house for various reasons-no Bueno. Last night when I was relaxing in bed, I was thinking about the president-no, not in the way- last night when I was relaxing in bed, I was thinking about the president-no not in that way, just in general about his presidency, etc. I realize this a long time ago that it is not one race, one religion, one gender, one orientation-it is a few bad apples from each genre shall we say that has put a negative stigma on certain things, they’re not all bad it’s a certain group that makes it all look bad when it’s not. I have zero problems with anyone in the human race I except you regardless of your religion your race your really something I take into consideration when I want to be friends with you it doesn’t matter to me at all-I grew apart time in the US Virgin Islands, I am very acutely aware of the different religions different races different orientations etc. I look at a person for that person-if you have something in common with me I like you if there something that we can talk about we can get along with and your okay in my book. As for the president, I keep getting text messages about campaigns etc. about Republican versus Democrat and money, donations yada yada-I must say that the Democrats are driving me absolutely insane with their asinine bullshit ideas of changing things if they get into power which God willing hopefully they will not because they don’t respect the boundaries and the law of the land they want to eliminate certain things they keep this country and our territory is very safe -AOC wants to do away with homeland security etc. and I know they want open borders etc. and it makes me sick to see what’s happening in California New York etc. any state that’s run by democrats who decides that they can make their own rules under the United States government-I don’t think so buddy I don’t think you understand what it really means to be governor of the united state. With those of you who have problem with the original American flag-screw you, Betsy Ross designed that flag specifically for the 13 original colonies and somewhere on EMH1776PR / Elle SilverStone is that photo where it is explained in a diagram. Looking back at the reason I started this specific entry was to talk about the Jeffree star cosmetics/jawbreaker collection-the same Instagram is where I display certain cosmetic, food, product photos though with all the rambling finished I’m going to sign off and go get some other work done. Still going to be digging up some teen mom related stuff because there’s never a dull moment obviously. Have a blessed weekend y’all if I don’t write a journal entry until next week.

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