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Donald Trump Says He Won’t Mandate A Nationwide Mask-Wearing Law | Celebrity Insider

Even though Donald Trump has continued facing massive pressure from the media and the political establishment to be more pro-active in the fight
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Wednesday Rambling

So Tuesday night I decided to downloaded Google Docs because I was frustrated with other drafting programs. I was thinking about many things including my craft and other things. I have been acquiring Several worry stones lately, sometimes I forget the names of them by the time I get home but I’m always able to look it up. Today is one of those days that I got a “mystery stone“ and it is likely to be an agate end it is smoky grey and that’s about all I know right now but I also got my rose quartz which I needed. also this morning I went into the mall to do my exercise-brought my own coffee which was nice of course because I like saving money when I can especially on a high spending month which qualifies November and December because of birthdays and holidays in general. I stopped at Morphe where I thought I was going to get something from Manny Gutierrez, little did I know that I would be romanced by the limited PRIDE eyeshadow palette. which returned for a short time at the price of $20 which is a steal because it is such a beautiful large selection of color. Also I grabbed a concealer because you always can have extra concealer and foundation on hand and last night I had tried to make a purchase online with #BHCosmetics, my purchase did not go through but it charged my credit card-I didn’t let that happen Long called my credit card company and they reversed the charges by this morning and I was able to go back and complete the purchase. I got what I am the “BewitchedCollection“, Samantha, Serena, and Tabatha; All liquid linen lip color I also got one of the mini palettes because, for some reason with some brands, I like to collect the mini palettes.  So with that said I know that Manny Gutierrez is coming out with his collaboration and I thought I was going to purchase it but when I saw the color story I was not impressed just like I was not impressed with the color story of conspiracy/controversy. Also yesterday I did some investigating of other local gyms/fitness centers-because I am not happy in my current situation because of the drama I don’t like the energy in my gym. I don’t know if I’m gonna end up switching or not but I’m doing the groundwork to figure out who is online with the “silver sneakers program“. My other option is getting more equipment at home. At the beginning of the day, we obviously went to the mall where we ran into the EMR chief – apparently one of the restaurants is having gas leak problems. After the mall exercise and shopping, we did groceries, etc. I had to get my glasses adjusted and ended up with a new frame because during the frame adjust, there was a failure to the frame. It’s been a hell of a crazy day. Looking forward to tomorrow just because life is good right now. As I’m writing this post I am relaxing with the pups.