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Tuesday Evening

good afternoon/evening-hello, I am sitting here in bed relaxing with my girls watching television after a long and crazy day-I when I turned off my iPhone , I didn’t expect to be on my iPad all afternoon but I kind a like it that way-those who are important to have my cellular number with me but everyone else wait till I turn my phone back on. Earlier I tried to adjust the lazy arm tablet holder that I received in the mail yesterday-it was stiff af but it managed to break when I tried adjusting so I emailed the seller told them what was going on, they needed a picture-then they tried to tell me the directions on how to set it up-I told him I follow those directions and it still broke, long story short I’m getting a refund-I’m on I’m also getting a refund on the Morphe order Which was the wrong order and it was only a back up order-looking forward to getting that money back and definitely app that I don’t have those JH the master collection brushes anymore because I don’t support her I don’t like her, I like the eyeshadow palette I have but it’s because it’s beautiful product. Looking forward to the rest of the week just because I like being optimistic. I did order a new iPad case so that when my mom and I figure out a lazy tablet holder, it will be protected. Anyway tonight I’m looking forward to getting a good nights sleep, hopefully Pink will not have a bad night like last night, we were up until almost 11 with shenanigans. Definitely looking forward to getting my two yarn drums that I ordered from Joann during primo days. Also started the canine blanket gift. Photos and further information will be posted later this week. Good Night


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