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Killer Zodiac Signs And How They Would Get Rid Of The Body After Murder, According To Astrology | YourTango

The killer zodiac signs have to clean up their mess and dispose of a corpse, but how would they do so? Astrology is a guide that provides information about our personalities, and depending on what you’re like, you’ll have a unique way of cleaning up your crime.
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Thursday Thoughts

Another beautiful day today and a wonderful evening last night with my social media family. Spent last night with an old friend instead of watching a drama-queen which makes me want to puke. The morning here was spent enjoying the quality time with my sweet baby girl + the television. I did miss the concert last night but again thanks to friends, I have pictures.  

Unfortunately I cannot publish the periscope videos but I have a Twitter photo of Finn Shepherd aka Ian Ziering 

The day at the mall yesterday was pretty cool especially when I run into this beautiful vehicle across from Nordstrom:  

As always I went to my favorite store besides Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, YankeeCandle + Bonez. I found this awesome shirt at Spencers: 

With all that said, I will say farewell for now. 

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Mind Traveling 

So I just got thinking about the places where I have been in my life + the people who I have known, there are definitely places I’ve been where awesome memories have been made. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to return to the location in person but I completely enjoy traveling through the television. I always enjoy checking into random places on foursquare/swarm whenever a memory is triggered. So if you are following me on swarm,please know that I may or may not actually be wherever I say I am. A lot of times for my own personal safety I don’t always post my actual location. Yeah I do like to use this platform to vent my frustrations / emotional distresses + sometimes opinions about whatever’s going on in this crazy country/world. I am definitely extremely outspoken ,sometimes critical of things that make me frustrated. My plans for the day is to continue my current activity with my sweet miniature dachshund. 

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Monday Night /Tuesday 

it was your typical evening at my house,just relaxing and going over my day. Didn’t watch any television,just relaxed in my bed while reading articles and texting/tweeting with friends. I did do some re tweeting of interesting articles. Nothing new to report today except for the season finale of Married And First Sight is on tonight and I’m definitely going to miss everyone. Hopeful that they will continue on social media because I have enjoyed the communication access. Until later 

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Friday Randoms

I’m just relaxing with the sweetheart and networking with comrades and sharing things that I find interesting. My joints aren’t pleased with the weather so fuck you Mother Nature-you don’t have a heart for those of us who are getting older. I said earlier that this weekend was going to be a mostly coffee/liquid diet because I am in no mood to sit back and have the munchies. I am sharing tweets about random things on my blogs Twitter while I curl up under the blankets with the cutest guard dog I’ve ever known besides her late sister who passed away last June. I’ll be back with more when there’s something to say other than just randomness  

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Random Thoughts About @TheYankeeCandle

So I’m just relaxing after a long day on the go & decided that it would be a great time to check in with some random thoughts. I definitely got some good exercise in at the mall,avoiding the guilty pleasure snacks that I could have but didn’t get. Also didn’t get any Tart WaxMelts from The YankeeCandle eventhough I could have easily gotten some that I don’t already have. I’m not ashamed to admit that I probably have almost at least one of each of the scents in the Tart Line. There are some that are only available in the large jars that I wish were available in tarts. 

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B4 it’s open @KOP_Mall

Being here at the mall before it’s officially open is actually pretty interesting because you get to see some crazy stuff going past. This morning I saw a A few naked gold manikins going into forever 21. 

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What I’m Thinking

Just relaxing on the sofa with the pup, watching television- I definitely wish the weather would improve, would definitely love to be on the coast of somewhere beautiful with a few cold drinks