Blood Magic – 13 Ways to Use Menstrual Blood In Spells and Ritual

There are so many ways to use menstrual blood in magic, both light and dark. Give free reign to your intuition. Nourish your power. — Read on

Witchy Ramblings Etc

Good morning from King of Prussia Pennsylvania, getting my cardio in and grounding my spirit and soul for the weekend. I did a little witchy shopping this morning Nathan I got an emblem for my iPad and looking forward to seeing how it looks I got the triple moon in pink. They also have itContinue reading “Witchy Ramblings Etc”

Friday X My Self-Teaching

#SoonYou’llGetBetter, I am not a Taylor Swift/Dixie Chicks fan – I have spent most of the day knitting and researching different paths to journey down education wise because my mind is hungry for something new. I have always believed in God even though I have had a love-hate relationship with him because of situations I’veContinue reading “Friday X My Self-Teaching”

Christian Witch Claims Christ Followers Can Practice Witchcraft, Despite Biblical Warnings – The Christian Post

Despite biblical warnings against the practice of witchcraft, the Rev. Valerie Love who describes herself as a practicing Christian witch and an ordained minister of spiritual consciousness, is insisting that there is nothing wrong with Christians being witches and has recently launched a school to help Christians tap into magic. — Read on

Saturday Sunday Notes

Hello everybody, I was about to say good evening but this is going to be posted tomorrow morning before I even wake up because I enjoy schedule posts. I am relaxing in bed with my girls, just touching up on social media and trying not to go bananas. People are already speculating about Mr. EpsteinContinue reading “Saturday Sunday Notes”

Tuesday Rambling

OK good afternoon/evening, I am sitting here watching television and hanging out with the dogs-all three of them. I am bored off my ass for some reason restless etc. I don’t really know why I’m restless. There’s nothing happening that would drive me crazy-#JeffreeStarXMorphe collaboration part two had me excited because I wanted to seeContinue reading “Tuesday Rambling”