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Influencer X Selling : Giraffe

OK so I am thinking about my influencer and promotions/reviews part of life and even though there are products I use that I do talk about, My ability to influence a sale of a product is limited because it takes two people to do a product sale-the seller and the buyer. Regardless of how good you are at selling a product or promoting a product, it all depends on the buyers. I am not going to be the type of sales lady who bullies someone into buying something just because I want to make money or I want to make an impression. My job as a seller/promoter is to make the product look good get attention etc. every day I am promoting a product when I talk about it on my blog but when I talk about it on any social media platform. Again it is up to the buyer to make a sale work-so I am in my own way a giraffe because I am successful in what I do I promote, I review-I talk about the products like use. I have various different brands in my arsenal of beauty and skincare, there are somethings I use more than others but that doesn’t mean I don’t love every product that I purchased or I am gifted. I am very fortunate to be able to do what I do and not worry about certain things in my life. With that all said, I am very happy, I do what I do I enjoy it and whether sale results from my influencing or promotions, etc. that’s not in my control.


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