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Visa called her brave; Athleta said it was inspired by her leadership. Business analysts said her value to companies is greater as an influencer than as a competitor.
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Tuesday Thoughts

 So I wanted to elaborate on yesterdayβ€˜s post a little bit since it was so random and discombobulated. I am frustrated because there’s nothing I can do to assist or relieve  this situation in Australia. My heart aches for the animals and humans going through that terrible time in fact my first post of today is about Nicole Kidman. Her state in Australia is currently under threat by these atrocious terroristic act. Which regard to Philadelphia sports, I want you very much thank and show appreciation for my wonderful football team-Philadelphia Eagles- even though you are battered and bruised, you are not losers in my book because y’all put up the great fight. Fly Eagles fly, thank you thank you thank you. Now with regard to Carson Wentz, I knew you were going to have a concussion something just told me. I hope that you heal rapidly and come back to flight again next season.  And again I want to thank the Tennessee Titans because let’s face it nobody wanted to see New England in the Super Bowl again, New England is like the Jeff Gordon/Jimmie Johnson Or Kyle Busch of football too many wins and too many cheating opportunities. Today I will be focusing on a craft, which one? I don’t know yet but as always I will be sitting on the big pink ball. I was very pleased when I checked my Instagram this morning because Target Recognized my post from the other day – another company wants to feature my photos. Thank you very much. I am very blessed to have this little thriving hobby career or whatever you wanna call it. With regard to my knitting, yes there is definitely more yarn that I would love to buy but at this time, my stash room is packed. So many holiday sales I missed because I have plenty. Even with plenty in the stash room, I will probably get more eventually because I am looking into working with cotton yarn again. Last night I became aware of the new drama surrounding Duane Chapman. It seems that he has become involved with a family friend only 7 months after the untimely death of his wife Beth. Apparently, Duane has started a relationship with Moon Angell who is a bounty huntress who’s worked with the family for many years. According to reports, Duane has moved Moon into the house, etc but since I am not familiar with the complete story. In other news, I have decided to resume my strict diet starting in February. I have been working feverishly throughout the day. Anyway, I am going to go back to the South Beach Diet. I am definitely not going to do the full program just the snacks and shakes. Speaking of fitness I now have a complete home gym thanks to Walmart, my medicine ball arrived this morning. Among the articles I shared was about the health benefits of coconut water which I put back into my diet. So tomorrow I am going to be drinking more water.  

Monday @FabFitFun Etc Notes

Dear Readers, I am excited to announce that I have been gifted a membership to FabFitFun! Looking forward to seeing the goodies every quarter. Also looking forward to getting the holiday weight off. I really enjoyed the month-long yoga class but I kind of got lazy af after that. Definitely going to recalibrate my lifestyle because I do want to be healthy. I have beauty items that I am interested in waiting for me over at #UltaBeauty. Like I said before, I am going to be re-visiting the #BeautyOnABudget because of the increasing amount of drama happening in the high-end beauty community u. The beautiful thing about UltaBeauty is that they have low end & high end. I don’t know if I am or am not still on the review squad for NYXCosmetics since I have not received any boxes lately. But I am going to be doing a product review for whatever arrives in my seasonal boxes from #FabFitFun. Getting my FabFitFun boxes are going to be exciting since it has the potential to cut down on the surprise spending. So it was day number two of back in the gym, I made an appointment for another fitness assessment since I have not had one since January. Apparently, there are supposed to be monthly assessments even if you don’t have a training program. But anyway I am spending the rest of the day at the house working on the crafting etc. Tomorrow and Wednesday are home gym days due to schedule conflicts. I know that this is a short entry but I don’t have much to say today. So until later, I am going to be off the radar.

Triple Day Rambling Tea

Good Morning and Happy Sunday, I am working my tail off today just as any other day of the week. Thankfully, the weather is being somewhat kind as it is above freezing. Meaning that I don’t need to get hot coffee. Though because of another twisted ankle, I’m going slow as molasses. Last night, I put in an offer on Poshmark for the weekend festival eyeshadow palette & it was accepted. Just like with certain TooFacedCosmetics, I collect certain items. I love BHCosmetics because of the formula. I have a good social networking relationship with certain companies and as an influencer, it’s my duty to spill the tea. Just like JeffreeStar does with certain companies etc. Regarding Jeffree, I am going on a diet because I am not pleased with drama. Today, the activity will be of the crafting variety. It could be knitting or could be witchcraft! I’m so much happier as a witch and don’t really care about other opinions as long as my immediate family understands why. Anyway, I am enjoying the day watching CopsTv and going back and forth with the the last event of the season just because it’s always a nerve racking thing. The 4 running for the cup have all been there before except for Denny Hamlin. The only repeat champion I would be pissed off about is Kyle Busch. So it’s Monday and I just saw the Cheetos make up in person & JeffreeStar is right -blah it’s nothing to write home about even though I am including it in the entry. On the other hand, even though I love Jeffree, I am not happy with him at the moment, he is throwing shade at different people throwing shade at him. I also learned some things about him from the past that I don’t like-apparently he supported bulimia or suggested people should be bulimic-not sure which one but as someone who has an image disorder which I don’t always talk about – I don’t appreciate people suggesting something for someone else’s well-being. Not everybody has an amazing metabolism that can eat whatever they want and still stay slim. up until I was 29-ish, I was able to stay below 130 pounds-I haven’t seen that weight in several years I would love to be that size again but I’m not going to starve myself etc. just to fit an image that society wants. But back to the cosmetics genre, I do have a few more things to say about the community. I’ve mentioned that Kat Von D is controversial as is the case with James Charles but I recently learned that there are problems with TooFacedCosmetics – something with regard to the NikkiTutorials collaboration where apparently she was not paid for the unit sales. With that said, I still love and use my TFC just like I love my JSC products and will continue to use them. Also, I am still using my NYXCosmetics. So I have some interesting news about Anastasia Beverly Hills X Huda Beauty, no they are not collaborating, I have news on both. I haven’t officially tried either brand but I would be more inclined to try Anastasia vs Huda because apparently Huda is homophobic etc. With that said, I wouldn’t give someone my money who isn’t open to the entire customer base. With regard to Anastasia Beverly Hills, I have looked at it before I think they released a lot in a rapid succession and their prices are A little high for my blood four colors that are already in my beauty collection so would I try them yes but would I try them retail absolutely not. But I think I have drawn this entry on long enough and I’m going to say good night to this entry. Thank you for bearing with me on this rambling post. day

Refried Thoughts

Good Evening and welcome back to my blog, I had intended for this entry to be an extensive collection of thoughts from over a period of three days but unfortunately, it was destroyed during the editing process this morning. Anyhow the past few days have been eventful and productive. I am quite content with my current life. I have made several acquisitions and advances in my education! I have received some of the discontinued yarn for my inventory and I’ve reviewed some of the my Harry Potter / Hogwarts items. For the record, I have decided to move from crossover to single. I now identify as a ravenclaw. I made this decision because I’m more comfortable in this house versus a mixed household. I have printed out and completed my paperwork for RavenClaw I also have been studying the craft closer. After this morning when I had an impromptu meeting about Harry Potter, I am more interested in watching the movies. Speaking of movies, I wanna see the Bewitched movie, I have always loved Elizabeth Montgomery and I recently realized that I am a doppelgΓ€nger for her. The other day I discovered a network that airs both Bewitched & Green Acres. I just checked the webby for Mister Ed but it is apparently only available on Hulu and it’s $6 per month which means $72 each year, I don’t know if it is worth it. The other day I spilled coffee on my new phone wallet so I had to go farther into my budget than I would have liked. I had to get a new wireless charging capable case plus I decided to get the Disney Villains tech wristlet that I had first seen on my birthday. I have spent too much money this month and we have two weeks to go. So here I sit rewriting the entry. The other thing that I was thinking about this week was about the drama surrounding the collaboration of Jeffree Star & Shane Dawson. I have made note many times that I didn’t like the idea in the first place. I have made notice that there are definitely some duplicate content /colors. I in no way believe that Shane has formulated the color story himself. According to the ladies at Sephora, I am not the first customer to make that declaration about Jeffree Star Cosmetics recycling colors. I’m not quite certain I have everything that I originally put in this blog Inc in the entry but I think you’ll get the just and I appreciate my readers/followers very much so with that I am going to sign off for the day and go relax with my canines. οΏΌ

Cosmetics And Opinions

OK friends, I have been thinking-I know that is a scary scary thought, especially on Halloween. I have been thinking very much about cosmetics and influencers on YouTube also on Twitter etc. and I have been voicing my opinion about Shane Dawson collaborating with Jeffree Star and why I am not going to be getting their collection. Just as I suspected or shall I say expected, the color story is basic and boring also these colors are colors that I pretty much am convinced I have in another brand or brand. I never really was a fan of Shane Dawson, I never really educated myself on him as an influencer because I am not a fan. From what I’ve seen with his collaboration W/Jeffree Star, I was skeptical from the very beginning I understand that Shane has apparently come up with the colors and names on its own but it also apparently takes over a year to put these collections together at least and that is respectable but with the entire beauty community I have seen a gaggle of similar color stories from different brands and it is discouraging even the new #TATIBeauty,Is Basic neutrals with several different finishes and apparently that is only volume one I’m disappointed that she can go out and make different choices with her freshman launch. I would’ve expected something more outgoing instead of basic bitch neutrals. I love #TooFacedCosmetics & I am an avid collector of their miniature pallets I probably have at least 99% of the miniatures-if I do not have one it is because it’s too similar or it isn’t available anymore and I can’t find it. There are products coming down the pipeline from different companies that I’m eager to see-I just saw that #ColourPopCosmetics is coming out with hyaluronic acid infused concealer and I swear by Hyaluronic Acid- I know that I am a spokes person/influencer of all products and I work with NuSkin But I have not been very successful quotes selling and networking” with the public. I do use some of the products I love them they have made me healthier but in all honesty I am not going to change products if there’s a specific line from a specific brand it is working for me I will stick with it I will promote that. Anyway with regard to Facebook and my band/jail sentence, I am out of jail and I am able to post on my account How much not just on my pages but I have decided that I’m going to maintain a low profile because I don’t know who or what bit me in the ass. I don’t think it was karma even if it was karma it was a blessing in disguise I believe. I do not agree with certain social media platforms that do not allow you to use your first amendment after all that is what my country was based on is the amendments or bill of rights. As I am dictating this post, I am knitting I am watching television and I am having my tea and speaking of tea and witches, yes I am one no I do not eat children no I do not worship the devil and I do not pray to Satan and I believe in God I believe in one nation under God but I also believe that we are allowed to warship whatever deities /higher power we choose as long as we are not harming others. In no way am I intending to offend anyoneAnd if it happens I am sorry. I appreciate all my friends family and followers, I am almost up to 300 on the website which is kick ass awesome with that I am going to sign off for now and work on what needs to be worked on.