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Mally Beauty & Gunthy Renker

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Lilbit Of Monday Thoughts

I don’t really give two shits what people think about the merger of messenger systems. When I share certain items on the blog, I’m sharing what I think is relevant to an interest in the world. I don’t always agree with political personalities even if they are in my political party. I may be registered with one party, but I don’t always agree with what they say /do. I am a proud American Patriot with ancestors who are responsible for the creation of the country but I guarantee that they are spinning in their graves knowing what this country has become. My own father is probably disgusted with what’s going on in the country.

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Bathroom Blues

Sitting on the couch with the kids, great day my wallet is crying but my cosmetics trolley is happy. If I could change one or two things in my situation-the toilets in our bathrooms would automatically close the lids when they’re not in operation.

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Political Correctness

I am truly sick and tired of seeing X mass or anything politically correct, this country is forgetting it’s back bone and catering to every Tom Dick and Harry who come into our country. I don’t like it I will fix it if I can and if I see anyone say Merry Xmas or any kind of political switcheroos , I’m going to say something and it ain’t gonna be pretty. I’m tired of people editing my country, removing monuments, doing things to make other people feel comfortable. This is one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all. I say merry Christmas I bend I need to pray I put my hand on my heart doing the national anthem. I’m tired of seeing Christ being taken out of everything in the United States of America. If you don’t like the way this country is then get the fuck out of here because those of us who have relatives that signed the Declaration of Independence or fought in a war or any type of service to the country, don’t want ungrateful pansies in our country. And by the way, Police lives matter, fire fires and medical staff lives matter. We want our guns and we want a president who respects the Second Amendment, the first amendment, all the amendments that pertain to freedom and liberty and justice.