Back To Beverly Hills @BH90210

Good morning to everyone who is really excited about the reunion. I have been very busy with the fan group and I am excited to see all the people who want to be involved in our Fanbase. On a personal note, I’ve been kind of depressed and upset frustrated for an unknown reason but I didn’t want to post a blog about that specifically anyway today I am spending the day at home relaxing knitting I am getting ready for tonight. I have my DVR set up to record season one I don’t know if there is going to be more than one season it’s up to Fox-I know I’ve heard the stars themselves say season one so maybe they know something they don’t like tell right yet. I know that it is not the same without Luke Perry , But rest a short that there will be an episode at least dedicated to his memory no I don’t think his children are going to participate in the reboot because the one they have not said anything number to Luke was always very protective of his personal life and his children with that being said I know that he was in full awareness of the reboot and I believe he was going to make a cameo appearance speaking of cameo appearances, Shannen will be doing a cameo on the season premiere of Riverdale. Right now I am knitting and watching TV relaxing with the kids and keeping an eye on the news, as usual, I made a shortcut for Beverly Hills 90210 this morning I am having my 2nd cup of coffee and if you are looking to bully or be negative to the cast then just don’t because I was made aware of some bullying this morning that I was not a witness to but I’m friends with her on Facebook I don’t think it’s appropriate for “fans“ to bully and be rude to the cast And believe you me I will stick up for my friends and I believe that if you are a bully if you are negative you are not a true fan as a blogger it is my job to have an opinion to publish articles etc. but you damn straight I will stick up for people if it’s necessary so remember the cast of BH90210 have worked their asses off and have taken time away from their family to do this for us they don’t deserve to be criticized etc. and remember they are not their characters in real life that’s why it’s called acting so God bless you god bless America God bless our president and our first responders.

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