Wednesday Words

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to my blog, thank you for believing in me-I had a very interesting morning-I had my breakfast and my coffee went to the gym got my workout done-witnessed a man in the aftermath of a syncopal episode which is also known as a seizure-we at the local paramedics and police department out-I don’t know his current status but I do know that he was on his cellular device when he was being carted out of the gym-and I checked with the officer briefly and he will be OK, when I get semi-involved like that, I do get an adrenaline rush adrenaline dump not out of excitement for the incident but just because of the hyper Ness if that makes sense. I somehow am connected to emergency services for life not because I am In the business but I was saved by paramedics and doctors when I was days old. I was not supposed to survive people and I have learned things about myself over the past few years, weeks and days about myself about my conditions I am definitely lucky as fuck to be alive. Today I am spending my day with my dogs with TV and the fan along with some coconut water because I am trying to cut back on carbs again. As I digress, I shared some shit about Jeffrey Epstein this morning-there is definitely no end in sight to this interesting heartbreaking charade and I caught a charade because there’s no other word that fits it right now other than drama. I love my town it is my hometown I was raised here and in the Virgin Islands, being on the mainland is beneficial because I live within 5 to 10 miles of everything I need in life for the most part except for the beaches. The last time I was on a beach was actually in Michigan a year ago-Michigan in the summertime is definitely not bad but I could not live there a full year. With all that said and done this morning, I’m looking forward to a calmer afternoon, I have not had anything to eat since breakfast which is my plan I’m going to hold off as long as I can because I feel like I need to do a little fasting. So until the next crazy article flies across my screen I will say goodbye and thank you.

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