My Mentor

Mia Alma

So I’m just going through my favorites on my Perez Hilton app and thought I’d share this beautiful personal milestone with you 

Introducing… Mia Alma!

Read it here!

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Dear Perez + Duggar Thoughts

okay so i’m sitting here in the home office and thinking about some of the things Perez said in his periscope video and listening to Spotify, anyhow I must say that I’m watching more news networks than normal w/the Jenner news. I appreciate having Perez as my “muse/mentor” in blogging. I love sharing all kinds of things both newsworthy and gossipy. With regard to the Duggar drama, I actually like that’s it’s not all over the damn news because it’s a total disgrace that the family is wrapped up into their religion so much that they are unable to see reality and truth about what’s happening around them. The fact that they are unwilling to acknowledge that what Josh did to his sisters and other young women is a crime and i’m angry that the time limit is expired. I think it’s insane that there are people defending him and forgiving him. I cannot find it in my heart or soul to forgive any abuser of anykind. 

hey Perez, i know you probably didn’t know that you are my muse/mentor but i’m thankful for your online friendship, it means alot that somebody/you care about your readers/viewers. I love that you are expanding your social media etc. Hope you and the kids have a great weekend!


Tuesday Musings 

So I’m hanging out with the dog and watching television,have some things to accomplish today,cleaning and such but that’s all okay because I started my Tuesday with Perez on periscope. Last night I did something out of the ordinary and watched a news network because Perez was discussing Caitlyn and I was impressed by the positive segment on the LGBT community. Now tonight I’ll be glued to FYI to watch my new obsession Married At First Sight which is nearing the end of the second season and definitely looking forward to seeing the next season. No matter what shakes down with the season two couples. I love them all until later my friends 


My Life:Friday Edition 

So I’m sitting here in my bed following some hot water therapy where I reflected back on my day and things were prettyfucking awesome because I got some tweet backs from one of the most famous bloggers in the world , Mr. Perez Hilton also known as Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr. Anyway not only did he reply to one of my tweets but he liked one of my previously posted Instagram photos which I thought was pretty damn cool and I definitely consider this a feather in my cap. Also earlier today my friend Ian Ziering posted a pretty damn awesome photo on his Instagram. Which I will post below-have a great weekend everyone and I will be back later