Dear Perez + Duggar Thoughts

okay so i’m sitting here in the home office and thinking about some of the things Perez said in his periscope video and listening to Spotify, anyhow I must say that I’m watching more news networks than normal w/the Jenner news. I appreciate having Perez as my “muse/mentor” in blogging. I love sharing all kindsContinue reading “Dear Perez + Duggar Thoughts”

Iggy joins Timbaland on my shitlist 

I am absolutely disgusted about musical acts coming to the surface with negative comments/reactions to things that have popped up recently. They do not understand how to keep their trap shut if they cannot say anything positive. I’m wondering if there is going to be a #Boycott Iggy Azalea LGBT Fiasco: Iggy’s Homophobic!

Tuesday Musings 

So I’m hanging out with the dog and watching television,have some things to accomplish today,cleaning and such but that’s all okay because I started my Tuesday with Perez on periscope. Last night I did something out of the ordinary and watched a news network because Perez was discussing Caitlyn and I was impressed by theContinue reading “Tuesday Musings “

My Life:Friday Edition 

So I’m sitting here in my bed following some hot water therapy where I reflected back on my day and things were prettyfucking awesome because I got some tweet backs from one of the most famous bloggers in the world , Mr. Perez Hilton also known as Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr. Anyway not only didContinue reading “My Life:Friday Edition “