The last black NASCAR driver speaks out following Bubba Wallace controversy

The last black NASCAR driver speaks out following Bubba Wallace controversy — Read on

NYC mayor helps paint ‘Black Lives Matter’ outside Trump Tower

The mayor announced the plan to paint “Black Lives Matter” in front of Trump Tower last month after earlier announcing that the slogan would be painted on streets at several locations. President Trump responded via Twitter that the street message would denigrate “this luxury Avenue.” — Read on

i24NEWS – NFL star rebuked for ‘appalling’ anti-Semitic social media posts

‘Anyone who feels I have hate towards the Jewish community took my post the wrong way,’ Jackson said — Read on

Eagles’ DeSean Jackson posts anti-Semitic quotes attributed to Hitler; says he was misunderstood – The Morning Call

Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson is under fire for anti-semitic posts on Instagram. — Read on

Jewish players react to Eagles’ DeSean Jackson’s anti-Semitic social media posts – The Morning Call

Jewish players react to Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson’s anti-Semitic social media posts.— Read on

NASCAR Releases Photo of Apparent Noose in Bubba Wallace’s Garage

NASCAR released the first official image of the rope that was the subject of controversy after it was found in Bubba Wallace’s garage — Read on

Faith Hill Calls for Mississippi to Change State Flag | Entertainment Tonight

‘This flag is a direct symbol of terror for our black brothers and sisters,’ she wrote on Twitter. — Read on

Trump Demands Bubba Wallace Apologize to NASCAR for Noose ‘Hoax’

President Donald Trump also criticized Bubba Wallace for his successful campaign to encourage NASCAR to ban the Confederate flag— Read on

Bubba Wallace ‘relieved’ rope in garage wasn’t noose targeted at him, acknowledges ’embarrassment’ | Fox News

NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace tweeted out a statement on Wednesday about the supposed noose found in his garage, saying that he’s “relieved” to know it wasn’t meant for him, but embarrassed by the mixup after the FBI ended its hate crime investigation.  — Read on

Kansas newspaper’s post equates mask mandate with Holocaust

A weekly Kansas newspaper has posted a cartoon on its Facebook page likening the governor’s order requiring people to wear masks in public to the murder of millions of Jews during the Holocaust.— Read on