Influencer Opinions And Beyond

OK so I was thinking about this last night but I didn’t have the energy to compose-I was thinking about all of the influencers and YouTube and Instagram etc. and specifically one person individual who has deleted her social media accounts except for YouTube. I actually shared this piece to my page individually so I could comment about it- Jaclyn Hill is nothing but a whiny five-year-old who doesn’t want to explain directly what happened-that comeback video of sorts it was just a regurgitation of what we already know and it was a waste of time in my opinion but I wanted to watch it anyway to see if there was any new information which there was not. I also wanted to sound all about James Charles. I know his derogatory statements about a disabled wheelchair-bound fan was several years ago but when you are a poo A public figure, whatever you do beforehand can get dug up now and that’s exactly what happened and Mr. Dickinson. Your nasty commentary about that disabled person has come up to hit you in the face again after your issue with Tati Westbrook -I am really surprised there isn’t more of a backlash from this because I think this is something that would indeed get you canceled. I am a fan of Morphe and some categories but I will not purchase anything from James Charles or Jaclyn Hill ever again. I do have the pallete. I will use products that I have, it’s the re-purchasing of product that will not happen with certain items. I will find alternatives that work just as well or even better Speaking of product switcheroo, I am going to try some Clinique and L’Oreal skincare to see how they compare to my Tarte skincare I love my Tarte skincare but holy bells are it expensive And to buy it retail or on PoshMark can get expensive. so it’s been over 24 hours since I registered to meet Mr. Jeffree Star, but I have yet to hear back from Morphe. This day has been spent knitting and relaxing etc. I am not completely thrilled with the canine blanket that I am making for a friend but it is too far to turn back now and I’m going to finish it and then I’m going to work on a smaller project. I feel like I’ve run out of things to babble about so I’m going to kill this entry and edit/post-it-hopefully I will hear back about the meet and greet before my next journal entry. It’s going to be kick-ass. weekend regardless of what albums so I will talk to everybody when the next Shoe falls

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