Corona Note 1

Dear friends, during this coronavirus pandemic I have decided to teach myself how to work with lightweight yarn and luckily I was gifted some several months back and it is actually a discontinued product which sucks for me in the long run because I actually like this lightweight yarn that I was working with butContinue reading “Corona Note 1”

Halloween Entry 1

Good morning and happy Halloween – I am working my buns off today because yesterday I didn’t feel so good. Little do people know, I do have mild asthma which I don’t really talk about because it doesn’t affect me every day like it does other people. Right now though, I am watching #GhostHunters, BecauseContinue reading “Halloween Entry 1”

Rambling X Crazy

Good Evening, I’m sitting here watching television and thinking about my next acquisition – whether or not it’s going to be cosmetic or crafty. Knowing that I have just completed my JSCXMORPHE mini lippie bundle in full-size, I don’t know what else is necessary to add to the Arsenal even though I am considering theContinue reading “Rambling X Crazy”

Amputated Bug Legs

So with #LittleBitches being done I am now moving onto the next bugaboo in my life which is not really of a bugaboo it’s more like another chapter to #LittleBitches, #AmputatedBugLegs, This morning when I was doing the dishes I snapped the legs of a waterbug or Millipede, with that being said I went toContinue reading “Amputated Bug Legs”

Little Bitches (Little Bitch Syndrome)

Dear friends, this morning I had an interesting revelation while I was window shopping and note gathering-college age kids, sometimes their presence in my bubble area is unwanted and unwarranted. I sometimes like to be in my own world I don’t like when certain beings are around in some places because it makes me feelContinue reading “Little Bitches (Little Bitch Syndrome)”

Beverly Hills N Beyond #BH90210

Good morning friends, I wanted to give a shout out to my Peach Pit Pals because last night was phenomenal whether or not it was what we expected, it was amazing to have our friends back on our TV. The thing I wanted to bring to the surface wise the negative attitude of Tori Spelling,Continue reading “Beverly Hills N Beyond #BH90210”

Saturday Evening And Celebrities

I’m laying in bed watching television and keeping an eye on all social media. Not only did the terrorist attack in El Paso Texas upset me but also watching what’s happening to Brandon Margera. These crazy Instagram posts tweets etc. make me understand the people who are close to him or worried sick about hisContinue reading “Saturday Evening And Celebrities”

Love Lille Vidunder

OK so I found some good news within yesterday and its chaos-my former childhood vacation home Is now a rental property/Airbnb in the US Virgin Islands, I spent over 20 years vacationing on this property and I can say for certain that I would not come home if I were to go visit the islandContinue reading “Love Lille Vidunder”

El Paso Walmart Shooting Statement

Good afternoon I am sitting here watching mamas family and knitting but I am thinking about the people of El Paso Texas. I know that this event unfolding in Walmart is definitely tragic and unnecessary but I need to get my mind spitting out my thoughts, The second amendment gives us all American citizens theContinue reading “El Paso Walmart Shooting Statement”