Campfire N Recovery

Good afternoon everybody, welcome back to my blog-I am spending today recovering from hurricane Jeffree and calling him #HurricaneJeffree is a complement, I also want to complement #MorpheKOP because it was an amazing epic day yesterday and even though I dropped out early, I had a fucking blast. I got my $65+ plus bag of goodies home and today I am wearing them or shall I say some of them. If you go to my social media channels you may catch a glimpse. I got my refund finally from American Express/Bluebird-pain in the ass it took them a damn week, Which I think is really really bad-especially when some people depend on their bank accounts to be heavy. I’m sitting here watching NASCAR, about to restart my knitting and enjoy the rest of the evening with my furbabies. I have decided that I am probably going to go and get/order the sister palette to the freebie palette because I looked at the colors and I like the formula from #MorpheBrushes. Not to say anything negative about my friends at #BHCosmetics, Because I love them with all my heart I just want to be a multi-brand boss babe. Speaking of boss babe, I found something new that has to do some work with #BeverlyHills90210- due to a sponsored post, I discovered a company called #PetiteNPretty, which I think is a brand at young teens, which is all fine and dandy as long as there’s some parental control with makeup in the Young person community- A product that caught my eye was #9021Bungalow which is a combination palette of eyeshadow and blush – yes it is a mini palette-I probably 99% chance that I have those colors am I going to get into the #SparklesSquad ? I don’t know I did sign up for the email but just like with #SolaLook, I am a little skeptical about jumping into an unknown brand so I’m gonna wait a while on this. But good news for us #BeverlyHills90210 fans, there is more coming from our friends at #SolaLook- they are coming out with 90210 related materials in the way of lipsticks, etc. which I am definitely going to get there is not gonna be a question about it because I’m a junkie let’s face it I think the reason why I titled this #CampfireNRecovery is because last night, the smell outside was very smoky it was very woodsy-I live in the woods I live in the suburbs-I did not see any flames or smoke nor did I call the police department but I definitely smelled a campfire somewhere which was probably somebody’s fire pit-I just went to sleep because I was so exhausted from yesterday. I made the mistake of making my coffee about an hour too late today for the second up and I’m probably gonna be up for a while so I’m probably going to be working on the netting into the night. As for my twisted ankle, things are getting better I did go to the gym this morning I am getting around and life is getting back to normal around here. Life is good and I am probably going to go share some more articles by the way I fixed my social media so everything is going to post properly. After yesterday, I felt like I need to step up my makeup skill, work a little harder put a little more effort in and not worry so much that I’m in my 40s trying to compete with young people it’s not a competition is what I’m learning I think if you don’t like me for me that you’re tough luck but I am who I am I have my own skill I have skills that other people probably don’t have so I’m going to end this entry before I go ramble on more than necessary. Until the next installment of the blog, thank you for coming along for this ride.

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