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El Paso Walmart Shooting Statement

Good afternoon I am sitting here watching mamas family and knitting but I am thinking about the people of El Paso Texas. I know that this event unfolding in Walmart is definitely tragic and unnecessary but I need to get my mind spitting out my thoughts, The second amendment gives us all American citizens the right to bear arms but I agree that we need to have some kind of gun control but we also have to realize that the Human who has the weapon is the enemy Not the weapon itself. I posted on Facebook a rather interesting message and I’m going to say it here also. To the shooter, you are an evil bastard you need to be put behind bars for life you have torn apart many peoples world whether it be the world of a deceased victim an innocent victim or somebody who was injured by your wrongdoing I don’t know what your problem is. The following is a direct quote from my Facebook-“Not really here, praying for everybody involved in the Walmart shooting open let’s get this son of a bitch because of this havoc and hell for innocent people. Patrick Crusius- you will pay for taking lives and injuring others “ and I am tired of politicians making activity political fighter I’m tired of political tennis balls it’s insensitive and irrational-we need to focus on the individuals who were harmed or killed in these events instead of the politicians in control whether we like them or not


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