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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, I was working on a post in WordPress but I accidentally closed it and the bitch didn’t save haven anyway I have been keeping track of Mr. diva and always keeping track of what’s going on with his laundry, etc. I am excited about the upcoming launch. But I think I have figured a few things out-we all know that #JaclynHill and # MorpheBrushes do a lot of work together or do they? I have a suspicion that her cosmetics brand is either co-owner or controlled by Morphe. Because it’s just a hunch I say this because # JeffreeStar was asked if he has any stake/ownership in the brand -his reply to that was absolutely not… but I can’t say that about #JaclyHillCosmetics and Morphe Brushes plus there have been people speculation about it in the past. Anyway, there was also some talk about what’s coming in the year 2020 #JeffreeStarCosmetics, I am very excited not only for the foundation but the mascara and the eyeliner, etc. I’m sure there are plenty more surprises that we don’t know about. There was something else that I have a suspicion on just like with Jaclyn Hill’s company. Jeffree was apparently approached by a major brand to work behind the scenes for them and no not a collaboration-the company which he would not mention is apparently a brand he’s been wearing for 10 years or so we all know that he got his start with #MacCosmetics -I wonder if that was the company that wanted to buy his but also wanted him to work for them under the radar now i usually don’t do speculation post but this one was way too fucking good to give up or walk past.

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