September Intentions

Good morning everybody I just got finished the gym and I’m going to do a little window shopping but I was thinking about my September achievement obviously my crafty ways are expensive so I have to save money and not blow it all on beauty products and yarn- Speaking of beauty products, I’m switching up a lot of different things just because I want to and I’m enjoying the new switches! Not just because of the price differences but because I can find the same product ingredients in various different things. Running around Ulta and just looking at different things-definitely going to have some issues up on the gram ASAP. Just looking at different items that I may or may not want in the collection-I definitely know that I am getting half of part three from #JeffreeStarXMorphe. Also going to get the new wing of the #TooFaced-#PeachesAndCream. I am in love again with my face cleanser from #TarteCosmetics-#DeepDive, most definitely one of the best products I purchased totally clean face. My research with #SeaWitch is going swimmingly because I am finding all kinds of things that call my name. I love being at the beach I love being in Highland time etc. there’s just something relaxing to me about being a Seawitch. I have to fix my Apple ID bullshit with payment because it’s not working again. There are definitely items on my list my various lists to acquire. I don’t know what else to say right now except for frustration with the township very frustrated the only saving grace is that I live right next to everything I need in life otherwise I would get the fuck out of Upper Merion township and it’s sad because I love my police department and our fire department etc. but I do not trust the government hear the board of supervisors are assholes, the school board are assholes – I miss the way the township used to be I think it’s time to flush the Democratic leadership down the toilet. With that said that she was not supposed to be a rant about my neighborhood living situation, this was supposed to be about me. It’s funny as hell to see people shopping because it’s interesting to see what other people by what other people and their children do but I am more comfortable at home and I don’t know why Who my kidding yes I do know why even the energy at my house is different than it is in other places and energy at my house he’s going to get better because that is my goal that is my wish that is my intention. I’m definitely going to post a better blog later definitely. This was just a rambling mass but it was stuff on my mind that I had to get out. I promise I will get better today on the posting just don’t know what it’s going to be but I will succeed in making things better. Have a great day

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In my blog you will find an assortment of thoughts, stories + news. Occasionally there's photos of events or Knitting projects etc I also do promotions/reviews of things I really like.

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