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Quarantine X Burning Oak Files

 Quarantine X Burning Oak Files

So I have been doing some thinking since yesterday about what’s transpired in NASCAR, I don’t agree with anything that has happened with Bubba Wallace in the sense of I believe he was wrong to “rage quit“ the race and he accordingly lost one of his sponsors“ we like racers not quitters“ so with the most recent event of virtual racing we had an incident with Kyle Larson – Mr. Larson decided to be a racist asshole and call somebody a Nigger- accordingly he has been suspended indefinitely from NASCAR and also has been suspended by his boss without pay indefinitely also multiple sponsors have dropped him so my guess is that NASCAR is no longer a place for racist drivers or anyone who wants to be racist society in general is not a place where you should be racist or homophobic or have any kind of phobia. With that said I have published some official articles from NASCAR and affiliates with regard to the Kyle Larson situation I feel horrible for his fans or former fans depending on what happens From here on out. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in our world in general because I’m hoping that we can lift the ban/quarantine on regular life I know after a pandemic life cannot really go back to “normal“ because things have changed significantly in the world but I wanted to give a shout out to one of my favorite vendors – Walmart. OK ask I called it the other day, Kyle Larson has been fired from Chip Ganassi racing along with losing most of his sponsorship. Another thing that is happening that has relevance is that Sephora is in deep shit because of their mass impromptu firing of employees except for corporate, people are not happy and people are not going to shop there anymore and I just posted a note on Swarm which goes to my Twitter that I have always been more partial to Ulta beauty. That will continue because I find more of my favorite brands at Ulta. Funny actually that there was a post on Instagram, a sponsored post about a free shipping deal no minimum order from Sephora and the comments – the comments were very fiery. Do I see them going bankrupt? It’s very possible I would not be surprised. In the long run, I feel very sorry for the companies that sell at Sephora exclusively because they are screwed. The past few days have been a roller coaster ride due to typical crazy around here. Aside from the crazy around here, I have been addicted to Walmart and addicted to getting some new shit around here and I’m not just talking about food. I have ordered four books, three decks of Tarot/Oracle cards. I had wanted to start this month on saving money but apparently it’s gonna start next month. With regard to my outlandish postings on some topics – a lot of things are off the cuff when I share something or post an opinion. Yes I know that this stay at home order/stay at home challenge it’s important and we need to “follow the rules“ but on the other hand – I feel that some governors are overstepping their bounds and to see other places opening up certain aspects of life, what is essential for some people may not be essential to others. I’m very thankful for Walmart and eBay for being awesome to the customers during this challenging time.

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Quarantine Ramble

Dear friends, I just wanted to do an update and I don’t know when this will be published but I am starting the writing process on Saturday, April 11. I have been going through different emotions during the quarantine and I am very thankful that now my anxiety and asthma is under control I feel fine – this lifestyle is not new to me when it comes to staying home-the only thing I really miss is shopping in the real world along with seeing my friends in person. Last night I learned about Sephora dropping off all employees except for corporate and that bothered me severely enough so that I posted on Instagram about it and I will admit that I went off I was upset and angry that they took this measure. I feel as if they did not think about the people-because of coronavirus, many people are losing their jobs many businesses are filing for bankruptcy and the world will never be the same as it was before coronavirus. I have shared articles about coronavirus many of times and there are rumors that are probably true that it was here before it was publicly announced as a problem this morning I posted on Instagram an apology note for overflowing my feelings even though I do not regret doing that post. Today is another day of knitting and coffee. Right now as I speak I am watching #FlippingVegas, they are working on a duplex and I am having many many pipe dreams. Speaking of pipe dreams, I have always wanted a she shed, I have a she space but sometimes I need a change of scenery it does not include my neighbors backyard which is hideous so one never knows if this pipe dreams will come true but there’s always a chance because when you think about it my three-year-old was a pipe dream and now I have my sweet little Chihuahua. Anyway I am still waiting on the shipment of my animal wisdom tarot cards. Yes it is very very frustrating because I ordered them on April 6 with also an order of yarn from eBay, the yarn has arrived and the cards have not shipped – I saw something that if they did not ship by the 23rd that I could cancel and get a refund excuse me but it’s been a week and a half and there is no movement on shipping?-In other news I am definitely enjoying their lives from my witchy friends. Somehow I seem to be quicker with the knitting when I’m watching a live podcast. I’ve thought about going live myself but I don’t feel experienced enough in a make up world or the witchcraft world to be an influencer like that this morning I made myself a grilled cheese and it was not as good as I’d hoped even though I did not burn the entire thing-I am definitely not a kitchen witch. I remember I said the other day or the other week other month whenever this quarantine bullshit started then I would not buy any cosmetic products during Quarantine well that went to a big failure because one of my favorite companies released a “limited edition“ which I had to have because it was in the “festival collection“ so that’s on order I don’t know whether to finish the skein i’m working on with the #ACMOmbre mini blanket or Play with my Tarot cards, as of right now I have two decks of taro because I definitely want to learn more about the four different suits -meanwhile the dogs have been sleeping all day. Enough rambling, for now, I got to post this and continue with my day stay tuned for more articles and journal entries.

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Weekend & Coronavirus

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls – today I did an impromptu volunteering at one of my own jobs and I actually had a really really good time-I do not intend to go back full-time because to be honest-retail feet. Walking back-and-forth on those floors at the mall kills your feet. But I definitely had a stellar 5 1/2 hours today. It was definitely a fun day and it continues to be an interesting week. I have seen my friends five days in a row since I started this entry and I have been keeping track on the coronavirus as it sweeps the USA. I will say that I have gone out into the wild every day for short amounts of time and there’s been entertainment every single day whether it be social media or in real life social events and I am very blessed in the social events category because I have some wonderful friends in the real world as well as my virtual family. Getting to see my friends every day is a real bonus for me it makes my anxiety really low it makes my self-esteem really high I have been really productive in the knitting categories I have enlarged my yarn collection and my incense collection somewhat ridiculous some may say but when you are a crafter with many hats, there is never enough product in the world I have said this before, if I could live remotely and just have my stash of yarn and metaphysical supplies etc. and just the people I love or even a way to communicate with the people I love I will be content. The coronavirus has interrupted everybody’s lifestyle in one way or another and honestly I am really really surprised that schools and businesses did not figure out that it would be better in some regards to work remotely to teach remotely and I kind of wish that there was a remote option even when there isn’t a world global health crisis.So before I go nuts in repetitiveness I’m going to log off and take a rest with my dogs but I will be updating with articles from the Center for disease control and the world health organization or any other relevant entity that has credible information.

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Wednesday Rambling

Good morning and welcome to the one-year anniversary of the untimely passing of our dear friend Luke Perry. I have decided to spend some time by myself windowshopping doing a little retail therapy because of circumstances. Just purchased some Juniper and white sage leaves because it’s that kind of day. I am going to share some information later about politics and who is and is not still in the running for President of the United States. So after I went to #EastMeetsWest, I made my way to #Spencers & found myself some more incense, coffee mug and incense burner not necessarily an incense burner but something I’m going to use for it. And there’s also something going on with Chris Matthews and him abruptly resigning from his television gig along with something about the spotted lantern fly-it’s going to be a busy day when I get home for blog posting which is a good thing because I’ve been lacking and slacking. Until later I bid you a farewell.