Los Angeles Bans Halloween, Trick Or Treating Outlawed

Los Angeles Bans Halloween, Trick Or Treating Outlawed— Read on http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/09/los-angeles-bans-halloween-trick-treating-outlawed/

Witches and Satanists have teamed up with leftists to destroy America | Opinion | LifeSite

Satanists and witches were invoking evil powers to aid those participating in the violence currently racking America’s cities. — Read on http://www.lifesitenews.com/mobile/opinion/witches-and-satanists-have-teamed-up-with-leftists-to-destroy-america

Quarantine X Burning Oak Files

 Quarantine X Burning Oak Files So I have been doing some thinking since yesterday about what’s transpired in NASCAR, I don’t agree with anything that has happened with Bubba Wallace in the sense of I believe he was wrong to “rage quit“ the race and he accordingly lost one of his sponsors“ we like racersContinue reading “Quarantine X Burning Oak Files”

Quarantine Ramble

Dear friends, I just wanted to do an update and I don’t know when this will be published but I am starting the writing process on Saturday, April 11. I have been going through different emotions during the quarantine and I am very thankful that now my anxiety and asthma is under control I feelContinue reading “Quarantine Ramble”

You Can Take Free Online Classes at Hogwarts

A group of Harry Potter fans put together an online Wizarding World filled with an entire magical course directory, and it’s completely free. — Read on http://www.cosmopolitan.com/lifestyle/a32098959/hogwarts-free-online-classes/

Weekend & Coronavirus

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls – today I did an impromptu volunteering at one of my own jobs and I actually had a really really good time-I do not intend to go back full-time because to be honest-retail feet. Walking back-and-forth on those floors at the mall kills your feet. But IContinue reading “Weekend & Coronavirus”

Wednesday Rambling

Good morning and welcome to the one-year anniversary of the untimely passing of our dear friend Luke Perry. I have decided to spend some time by myself windowshopping doing a little retail therapy because of circumstances. Just purchased some Juniper and white sage leaves because it’s that kind of day. I am going to shareContinue reading “Wednesday Rambling”

Climate Worship Is Nothing More Than Rebranded Paganism

The last few days prove Western civilization is facing its most significant challenge in centuries from tribalistic paganism that seeks to turn back time. — Read on thefederalist.com/2019/09/26/climate-worship-is-nothing-more-than-rebranded-paganism/