Me, MyEdu

Saturday Scribbles 

So I stayed downstairs with the k9 kid and watched television for a few hours before going upto bed around 9:30 at which time the damn fireworks started going off at the golf course.  It was a wonderful day today where I got to spend quality time with my momma. Always enjoy spending time with her. I am definitely blessed to have a wonderful life and family. No I don’t really give a flying fart what people who don’t have any involvement in my life think about me because they obviously don’t matter to me. I did enjoy the Monday night episode of Teen Mom 2. Amazing memories of St Thomas rushed back thx to Nathan + Jenelle’s engagement at Havana Blue. I am also impressed with how Taylor + Chelsea are working together against Adam. Not really sure what to think of the Calvert-Simms mess, honestly they need todo what is best for the children and that’s definitely not whats happening with that situation. Um been thinking this for some time now and I think it’s way past the time that Jenelle + Nathan have custody of Jace for many reasons-firstly Jace is Jenelle’s son and secondly what’s going to happen if something happens to Barbara? I’m just thankful that Jace knows who his mother is and that there’s that bond. With all due respect,Barbara needs to be giving Jace back to his mother. I am still extremely pissed off at the events that unfolded in Chattanooga with that fucking Islamic Terrorist Attack. There’s absolutely no damn good reason why the Marines were not armed with weapons-federal gun free zones are absolute worst ideas ever and it’s way past the time that the locks on the White House and other government buildings need to changed so that the person wrongly elected president of the United States Of America can have capability to enter. In the past I’ve indicated that I’m not a fan of the Obama’s or the Clinton’s or any other fucked in the head political figure. Even though Donald Trump is going to be running for president under the republican nomination, I don’t like his baking sheet either. Mofo was disrespectful to senator John McCain who is a decorated military veteran when Trump found ways to chicken out of the Vietnam War draft.  I honestly don’t know who the hell is the person who can right the SS USA because it’s been screwed over more than a hooker on the sunset strip.