Crazy Country

#CallMeCrazy but I sometimes feel frustrated with the insanity of politics. Regardless of what party is in office, there’s going to be drama x wrongdoing! I don’t remember the hatred when 44 was in office. It’s absolutely scary to see what’s going on with this country. Do I like & trust the current president? Honestly, I can only answer that day by day. I’m severely dissatisfied with the current situation with both Democrats and Republicans. I do not like evil and childish behavior. So with the house voting to impeach Mr. President, it’s not as much of a done deal as the liberal parties think it is. There is still the boat from the Senate which is controlled by the Republicans-and for them to impeach fully a republican president? Let’s see what’s going to happen because even though I knew there was a baby some negativity at the moment I’m not fully convinced yet that Mr. president will be impeached entirely. Now, this morning I was able to go for my cardio and chakra, etc. I got my spiritual candles. I also got a black glass ring. I am committed to witchcraft I am committed to making myself better spiritually emotionally and physically. I have also thought about this over the past few days that coming in the new decade will be some new rules if you wanna be in my life. I am way beyond frustrated with the way people more less take me for granted at times! When I woke up this morning I found out that unfortunately, we are halfway to the impeachment of President 45. Honestly, I have days where I like him and days where I don’t. I don’t remember if I mentioned in this post or not that I did update my book of shadows, with all of my acquisitions. Today I added some spirit candles-for some reason I think I’ve said this above but I’m excited for the new decade so before I repeat anything else I’m going to sign off and go work on my knitting but I am gonna keep an eye on everything going on with #FakeNews #Drama #Bullshit. I will end this with saying I love my country I’m proud of my country I am annoyed with the politics in my country but otherwise God bless America

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