Quarantine Life Update

Good morning America and beyond-I am working my tail off getting blogs scheduled and published there is so much information coming out it is astounding. I have had pretty good week in general lately because I have been zoning out of the chaos and focusing on my mental health etc. I have found that Amazon is a plethora of everything necessary to sustain life especially for those of us who need things that are not “normally essential“ to other people. My taro and oracle collection has grown and I have found a new gemstone/Crystal dealer. Everybody complaining about staying home or going out or their communities we opening too soon there’s something called freedom where you can stay home if you want if it’s possible for you to work remotely then do it quit complaining that your community is opening too soon. I for one think that it’s important for our economy to come back to life for the nonessential businesses to come back-the only thingThat I truly miss during this quarantine is my friends and shopping for non-essentials which are essential to me essential to my way of life my mental health etc. Today is going to be a quiet day at the house because the queen is at the spa and Lulu and I have the ability to do whatever we want which means cleaning which means relaxing which means just hanging out the two of us. I don’t remember if we’ve ever had that time together just me and her. Making coffee doing some crafting and just relaxing – it’s supposed to be 70° today I doubt it but the main reason I came to update this in free play because I just got a glimpse of some news broadcast yesterday regarding the stay at home order along with the racial situation in Georgia which was a white on black crime. I do not like using the race card in my articles especially in my journaling logs but it is what it is unfortunately according to what I was told he has a television-it was a citizens arrest gone wrong apparently the victim has an extensive criminal record and the perpetrator had lost or had stolen some items from his vehicle and the victim was the suspect or possible suspect in that theft. Keep in mind please that the victim of this hate crime has a criminal record that does not justify his murder it just says something about him. I have some blogs with regard to this highly publicized crime on my website – so please check them out whenever possible-also there is been some talk about a second waveOf COVID-19 spreading throughout the globe because of jurisdictions and countries opening to soon-I have mixed feelings about that in particular because not everyone is used to working from home or staying home on a regular basis. I don’t mind it in most categories except I do miss the real life socialization and real life shopping for necessities that are essential to my life which may not and in most cases are not essential to the regular being. I depend on Walmart eBay and now Amazon to keep me in check. I am blessed to have a wonderful Instagram family who through craft keep sane. Also I will say that this quarantine is definitely telling me/showing me who my real friends are and that is definitely a good thing. I think I mentioned it before that I am not watching as much TV only because I’m learning that I was using television as a crutch to keep company or have company and honestly I don’t need it as much as I thought. There are shows that I will BingeWatch there are shows that I will put it on just because I love the show. With regard to “regular TV“ which is non-reality TV I don’t really like it anymore except for the classic television because everything has gone so insane with regard to political chaos racial chaos and I don’t find that entertaining or funny there’s something on comedy channel that I don’t find very comedic at all it is more of making fun of situations and that is not healthy. As I am approaching nine months in my new lifestyle I’m really teaching myself or shall I say learning from the fact that what I thought was necessary in my life is not so necessary anymore. Going back to quarantine lifestyle, I have adopted a ridiculous amount of #TarotAndOracle card decks Because my Instagram family recommended them and I’ve seen them in action. I do my own personal readings and I’m not going public for profit on that as many times as I have been asked when I post my carport. I don’t want to profit off of something I find personal fulfillment in. There are plenty of other brilliant astrologers and psychics that I am Instagram friends with who do this for a living. But I will say something that may be troublesome to other psychic/astrology “professionals“ I find that my Instagram family is more authentic versus those “as seen on TV“/roadside astrology set ups“ because I was in a situation this quarantine where I was talking to somebody and I had one of my sisters do a free card pull single question and her predictions turned out to be more correct more spot on then our local psychic. So that says something. Anyway, I think I’m going to end this entry and carry on with my day but I felt it necessary to get all that off my chest this morning and yesterday.

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