Tuesday Notes

It’s been one of those days where I’m not sure how productive I’ve been because it’s one of those days. I have been knitting I have been exercising but it’s also national junk food day and I’ve enjoyed my pizza. I’m also drinking my coconut water again so that’s good I’m staying hydrated-I’m keeping track of the weather which is absolutely crazy with this heatwave in Philadelphia. I’m very happy that Kevin Harvick was a winner last night in New Hampshire, Loudon New Hampshire-looking forward to the Pocono race next week it should be interesting to see who wins the gander outdoors 400. The end of the season this year is Sunday, November 17 at Miami Homestead Speedway. And since my 42nd birthday is on a Saturday my birthday a race is the AAA Texas 500 at Texas Motor Speedway In other news, I’ve been sitting home since I got back from my errands-watching MTV, knitting and enjoying this gloomy normal temperature summer day – yes I missed last nights episode of #TeenMomOG, But I am catching up and Lord only knows what time I’ll go to bed tonight-speaking of Lord, still have not heard shit from him though I care but I don’t care I have an eye care because I don’t know what caused him to be an ass this time around but I’m not gonna get sucked back in-I am better off starting over with a new person if God so chooses. I am not anyone’s doormat to be a side piece. But going back to OG, somethings I am not sure of what the hell is going on parentally regarding Leah-I don’t think Gary and Kristina are as communicative As they should be.-I don’t think they are communicating very well when it comes to Leah’s mental health-if Leah is having panic attacks then They need to talk to a psychiatrist etc. and they need to inform Amber of what is going on I feel that Gary is nonchalant and doesn’t want to acknowledge the problems that Leo may have Telling Amber that she doesn’t have to worry about her daughters mental health is not cool. Andrew is correct it is a disservice to its daughter speaking to Gary. With regard to Amber, I liked her from the beginning and even though she’s having a difficult time right now I still support her and I support Maci. But outside of OG, I am staying busy today knitting and enjoying coffee and just being a mom. With regard to Amber and Andrew, there is a new blog up on my site regarding where they currently stand. For more information about what’s going on in my life stay tuned for the next chapter.

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