Rant on RCE Behavior via @TeenMomOGShow

Okay I have wanted to speak my about this flakey sad excuse for a father for a long time. I have mad my opinion about his attitude in the past. Ryan has a hostile attitude toward not only his parents but also Bentley’s mom Maci. There have been several times that he has flipped out on camera badmouthing and talking rudely towards Maci, sometimes attacking the people she keeps company with. In reality, I would love to know if Ryan’s negative behavior constitutes as abuse- yes it is indeed is abuse I would love to know if the courts would consider taking away visitation and or parental rights?! Below is the original tweet/video that inspired me to release my thoughts on the situation.

 Watch video where Maci Talks How Ryan Treats His Parents http://www.teenmomogshow.com/2015/04/maci-talks-how-ryan-treats-his-parents.html #TeenMomOG”.