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Campos-Duffy : Número Nueve


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Tibdbit Tuesday

Top of the morning everyone, I am up the early bird and working on some knitting having some tea and watching television. I was going to publish a blog post of an article I found on Google or elsewhere which I usually start with but there is nothing that I want to share from mainstream media or gossip rags today thus far. Not quite sure why everything is being repeated with sitcom reality TV etc. but honestly I’m getting tired of it I’m getting tired of sitcom’s and some reality television-there is very little that entertains me anymore when it comes to TV. I don’t watch any sitcoms anymore-I don’t find them funny I don’t find them entertaining some of them I actually find racist. unfortunately racism has Become the norm in today’s society we have the liberals that don’t give two fucks and we have conservatives who had flipped their alliance. My country is in a downward spiral and I am not happy about it. In fact my hometown is in a downward spiral and if I could move-I would in a heartbeat. I have thought about living in another state and start over but I know I will never move so I might as well make my life as comfortable as possible and the good thing is that I love my house and aside from the ugly politics in the Township, I love where I live because everything is so convenient. I think a lot of it is I need to change of scenery and I need often and I have not really had a change of scenery in a major change of scenery. Though I will say that my practice of witchcraft is definitely being a positive thing in my life I don’t feel like I’m being suffocated any longer. Don’t really know what to expect from this day event wise so I’m going to be relaxing with the pups. Until later I’ll be in my studio working. So I’ve been doing random things since I finished The primary portion of this entry and now I’m still enjoying my coffee, spending time with the furkids and actually watching MTV. Just because – I have actually read a few rumor rags saying that Baltierra baby number 4 is being thought about or maybe even in the womb. So I’m not as much of a fan of the series as I used to be since it has been turned into a damn soap opera. I don’t post as many articles about the series as much. But then again, I’m not posting that much drama story. Speaking of shitshows and drama that is exactly what’s happening in the politics of this country. Sometimes it’s enough to make me crazy. Making me wonder why has God allowed this beautiful country to go to hell like it’s going. I know that saying that things happen for a reason but damn I gotta admit that the reason for the country going down the toilet isn’t good enough for me.

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Travis Scott Returns To Instagram After Kylie Jenner Split And Posts This Photo Hinting He Is Looking Ahead In Life | Celebrity Insider

Travis Scott surprised many fans with the announcement that “Highest in the Room” with Lil Baby was on its way, leading to many positive responses
— Read on celebrityinsider.org/amp/travis-scott-returns-to-instagram-after-kylie-jenner-split-and-posts-this-photo-hinting-he-is-looking-ahead-in-life-326769/

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Monday N Tuesday Thoughts

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, coming to you from the King of Prussia Mall-getting a little cardio in and a little socializing-I had a plethora of thoughts last night about all kinds of things including re-decorating organizing and liquid lipstick. I have decided that I am going to invest in the #JeffreeStarCosmetics Velour liquid lip mini bundles. I am getting three out of the four sets. Coming to just under $200 which is not bad for what I need and that price also encompasses two pans of setting spray. I am working on re-organizing my beauty area again because I’ve decided to keep the drawer system just organize it properly. I am also exploring my spiritual side. My religious/spiritual side has always been conflicting with each other because even though I believe in God, I have had a love-hate relationship with him my old life I love him but I hate him for what he’s done in my life when it comes to people leaving my life whether it be via death or no longer communication with somebody. Being a Scorpio female I’ve always had some type of psychic ability some sixth sense and I’ve always been interested in different types of crafting whether it be witchcraft or actual real crafting. I know I definitely, have an interest in paranormal and have for several years. For some reason, I have had an off and on interest in witchcraft, etc. I used to watch Bewitched and actually noticed that some lip colors from BHCosmetics actually have some character names. I definitely believe in karma, and spirits plus energies. Good Lord, I have so many different interests and beliefs about life, love, politics, and religion. Yes, I believe in God and things happen for a reason but honestly, I have a love-hate relationship with so many things. So last night, I watched #TeenMomOG, Holy drama hell everybody had drama and it’s difficult to understand some things that I saw last night. Each mama had drama. I don’t know if I want to say #TeenMomOG Has run its course and should be taken off the air, I feel like it’s the same damn issues with multiple different storylines I love Amber I really do but there’s a lot of things in her storyline that have been repetitive over the years same can be said for Tyler and Catelynn and honestly it’s getting boring as fuck when they I don’t necessarily get their way mostly Baltierra, they have an open adoption of their first daughter, but I don’t know how it’s gonna work in the long run even though the adoptive parents understand the situation. I feel like there should be scheduled visits set up or the visit should stop and wait until Carly gets to be 18 and can make her own decisions. With all that said, I am enjoying this day with my kiddos and showing articles of interest whether they be old or new interest onto my blog today I’m also working on the knitting as usual-I was gifted some yarn yesterday and also a beginners knitting machine which I don’t know if I’ll use the machine but definitely the yarn. We are knitting and bathroom breaks I am watching #GhostHunters. Tomorrow night is going to be very very busy because we have BH90210 & The return of what is my favorite paranormal shows in the world: #GhostHunters-BackOnTheHunt. So I am going to go and grab some ice water and half a muscle brownie and return to the crafting.