Island Memories X Life And JeffreeStarXMorphie

OK friends-I am really liking this schedule option for my entries. I have done multiple different schedules for multiple different blogs. Including my blog pages on Facebook, I just saw a tweet that was from information gathered on ABC that a whole bunch of FBI CBP and NYPD have just waited #EpsteinIsland also known as little Saint James-the asshole also owns property on Saint Thomas. As a former resident of the islands I am disgusted to know that that son of a bitch was proprietor of some real estate down there I think he is a pedophile is disgusting I am interested in finding out his real cause of death because I don’t believe it was truly a suicide. But once an island are always an islander and I will forever have sand in my soul along with the beautiful memories and knowing how much stuff I’ve learned down there that I’ve carried with me to the mainland. I cannot credit the Virgin Islands with my first alcoholic beverage unfortunately I don’t think but I can credit it with learning how to knit learning how to put my hair in a ponytail etc. The virgin islands was home to me and it would be a blessing in my life if I ever went back. As I was titling this entry, I saw the article flash past my eyes and I will be posting that as a follow-up to this. Tomorrow I am very much looking forward to second half of this entry title. I am ready to put down and bring home The collaboration part two. If I went back to the island, I would have a blast but at the same time I would miss some conveniences of living on the mainland island life is not cheap everything has to be shipped in via boat via aircraft which means all prices are totally ridiculous. Tonight I am going to be hanging out with the kids and knitting for as long as they will allow me to be awake so that could be anywhere from 7:30 to 10 o’clock tonight. I have had a pretty good day, I got my errands and I got my gym time in I got my girls to the groomer always an experience once a month when they need their nails trimmed and an Exterior examination. As I am working this article, are a shit load of Jeffrey Epstein articles flying across my screen that I am probably going to plaster my website with.So I am done doing Journal entries until after I bring home the collection I hope. So good night God bless and thank you for loving my chaos.

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