August Ramblings N September Intentions

So yesterday was a lazy day for me, I spent the day in my pajamas I barely even put on make up but I needed it lazy day I stayed home all day I think. I got a lot of research done I got a lot of things planned in my head as I said in my previous post that my Apple Pay is being a bitch again or shall I say Apple ID App Store situation is a bitch and of course my list of things to buy/require/add to the arsenal of everything is growing by the day. I have my priorities though. Regardless of what people think about my sea witchery, I am happy to learn new things about any of my interests. I’ve loved reading about the paranormal, spiritual life, etc. Whether or not I am or am not a witch – I know that we all have tendencies to like a little magic in our lives. So after an adventure today, I am back home I am watching ghost hunters and I finally was able to fix my Apple ID/payment predicament and for some reason it gave me two books for the price of one so I have three possible duplicates but from different authors. So now I have to figure out what else do I need-I hooked up my Kindle to my iPad and my iPhone so I can figure out what I want to borrow or purchase lunch tomorrow literature. I don’t think this is a phase in my life, I’ve always been interested in the craft-I just never really to get that seriously I’ve been till now maybe seriously is one word because whatever I do I take it seriously and go out in full force. I wonder if it was just the timing was off for me when it comes to myself education on this particular topic. Totally excited to dip into the new book I got today and learn more about the Irish and what kind of magical things happen over there I have been there I think twice and I went there before the Internet was a big thing so I was not aware of what I am aware of now. If times were different I would want to go back. I would want to redo things in my life with my newfound or

learned interest or maybe I should say renowned renewed. Yes just like the block this morning this one is quite chaotic such is life such is life but it’s gonna be a good day I have some good energy today and I have a new outlook for September October November December etc. but definitely 2020 is going to be a better year for me monetarily emotionally physically every way possible I hope because I am tired of the drama the bullshit the insecurity anxiety everything else I wanna learn how to manage my life better and maybe that’s why I am starting this spiritual journey. Because I wanna get my life in order I want to be able to call myself down I want to be able to relax I want to be able to have clean energy in my mind. But definitely with the book find this morning in Westchester, I definitely feel like my dad was with me my dad was drawing me to that book. So with all that mumbo-jumbo out of my head, I am going to focus and get some knitting done because that is my other passion which is my meditation. #BeBlessed, #WitchyChick #CraftyScorpion.

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