Friday Rambling

So with my mind wandering lately, I am thinking about how to set up my witchy & zen area in my bedroom. Yes, I am currently in the doghouse of sorts, but right now I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love my furbabies and I will do anything they request even if itContinue reading “Friday Rambling”

Refried Thoughts

Good Evening and welcome back to my blog, I had intended for this entry to be an extensive collection of thoughts from over a period of three days but unfortunately, it was destroyed during the editing process this morning. Anyhow the past few days have been eventful and productive. I am quite content with myContinue reading “Refried Thoughts”

Wicca for Beginners: What Are Grounding and Centering, and How Do You Do Them? | Exemplore

You’ve heard of grounding and centering, but just what are these things? How do you do them? Learn here- you don’t need to be Wiccan to reap the benefits from learning to ground and center, but it is a must for Wiccans to learn. — Read on

My Calling N Ramblings #Seawitch

Good afternoon-I’ve had a good morning I have been sparse with my food because I feel like I’m bloated and uncomfortable-I have been to the gym I have been to the beauty store etc. I did not buy anything today except at Walmart which I felt it necessary because I felt the products I purchasedContinue reading “My Calling N Ramblings #Seawitch”

End Of Day Rambling

OK, I just wanted to do a quick follow up for my day, yes I had a pretty awesome day until I had to go to the dentist. Nothing personal towards the dentist it’s just that my nerves get jacked up in more ways than one and I always get thrown into a panic attack/anxietyContinue reading “End Of Day Rambling”

Wednesday Gathering

Good morning family, I am just finishing up with my beauty haul at King of Prussia. I got my paws on everything I needed. My metaphysical store is relocating in the mall so I have to figure that out but I’m happy we still have it. Going to go home and get some knitting done-IContinue reading “Wednesday Gathering”

A Witch’s Bible

Very excited to announce that I have ordered the following book also I got the notice this morning that it shipped… crazy but understandable that it’s going to take two weeks to arrive but with the hurricane season upon us I understand-it is coming from Florida and I am going to go to the bookstoreContinue reading “A Witch’s Bible”