Witchy Rambles

Lig dom tosú ar dtús trí an rá go raibh mé níos social ó thosaigh mé ag staidéar / ag foghlaim bulaíochta and I have acquired some definite knowledge that will be handy and I’m glad that I have multiple different platforms to gain my knowledge from between Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram and the App Store along with the library. And now that I’ve spent a few days reading, digesting and learning About my craft, I feel like I have gotten situated in my power, anyway I did a few errands after the gym and now I’m home working on the knitting I downloaded some more Lisa Chamberlain literature and I’m tracking hurricane Dorian, very thankful that he did not destroy my US Virgin Islands. I have decided to continue my journey my education my self teachings because I’ve come to realize that my witchcraft education interest however you wanna classify it is making me more peaceful more centered etc. I don’t know if I’m going to find any other articles to share today but I will try and dig up something. Sending blessings and love to anyone that needs it so until later everybody adios.

Published by lhvi340

In my blog you will find an assortment of thoughts, stories + news. Occasionally there's photos of events or Knitting projects etc I also do promotions/reviews of things I really like.

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