Sunday Quick Notes

Good Afternoon & it’s almost a brand new week. I’ve been very busy with the collection of items. Over the past few days during the holiday sales, I’ve been acquiring tons of stuff for crafting, I’m not referring to knitting. I have thoroughly enjoyed bringing home many new gems for crystal healing. I know thatContinue reading “Sunday Quick Notes”

Witchy Rambles

Lig dom tosú ar dtús trí an rá go raibh mé níos social ó thosaigh mé ag staidéar / ag foghlaim bulaíochta and I have acquired some definite knowledge that will be handy and I’m glad that I have multiple different platforms to gain my knowledge from between Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram and the App StoreContinue reading “Witchy Rambles”

Sephora Saga Etc

So the past few days have been very interesting, between the Sephora saga and today is my dad’s angel anniversary; 11 years ago today. I have been having mood swings and all kinds of crankiness. Usually, my patience can be kind of unpredictable. I usually like to keep to a schedule and if I getContinue reading “Sephora Saga Etc”