Facebook X Trump Etc

Dear friends, I am hanging out with my kids and working on crafting. Call me crazy, but I actually have had enough text messages from the President so I actually reported him as spam considering that actually texts me on a regular basis. I know it’s sad but true & honestly, it is aggravating. So, even though I was able to post on my master Facebook twice, it’s apparently blocking me from updating status. Other than that, I am able to do everything else. I’m not going to be staying on Facebook on a regular basis but all the sudden I can randomly post. Today I have been working on the knitting and and ignoring most things so I keep my head in the game. My emotional support companions have been amazing today as they are every day. There are definitely things more important than Facebook. Granted Facebook is a great thing to keep me in the loop with family. I am purging people from life. Blocking the text messages from the president is also going to relief some stress. Just reading tweets about the wildfires on the west coast does not look good. I have decided that I am going to expand my home gym to include yoga equipment I know this is a jumbled mess of entry but it is what it is.

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