Weekly Rambles Of A Groundhog

 Good morning and happy Super Bowl Sunday/Groundhog Day. I have been having many thoughts going through my head today yesterday and the day before. Some of which is very frustrating from things that I’ve learned from past relationships. And you’re damn straight I’m gonna dump it. I found out some things that very much bother me from my first official relationship and it is infuriating me Because it has to do with something I have zero control over. I don’t give two shits what I do I wonder the bus because this blog is about my mental health and right now there is a chink in the fence. I found out that my gut instinct from the family of my former fiancé was true and I am very very angry about it because I cannot stand people like that who discriminate. I know it was 10+ years ago but to find it out now really fucking hurts. Because I am “disabled“ they did not find my relationship with their son worthy enough they did not approve of my being in the family they didn’t give two shits that we love each other. There are things that I cannot do because of my “disability“ but there are things that I can do-I pose the question to different ways and the reply was “but they didn’t“ for some reason I feel like it doesn’t matter that this past situation bothers me and right now – this is why I am sometimes frightful of trusting anyone.  It is shameful on the parental units that they are so close-minded. Now that I have released the aggregation and annoyance of the latest personalized news, I can move on until the next shoe of frustration appears. This morning I did some much needed retail therapy even though I spent more than originally planned. I got my intended affirmation cards and tarot cards along with a purpose candle. The stories I shared this morning weren’t what I was expecting to post especially when it came to Shannen Doherty’s health. She’s a very strong woman for working through the illness to honor Luke Perry. Even though the article claims that the only castmate she confided in was Brian Austin Green. I was just cruising the interwebs I saw a comment about Luke and wonder if he was also in the know. Anyway, it’s a few days past the last time I updated and I wanted to get this entry published. Even before I started studying the craft I was obsessed with aromatherapy -specifically for the past 4 years or so – I truly believe in the amazing benefits of different scents. I’ve always loved tropical scents because it takes me back to my island life. Something that certainly misses. So thankful for my eclectic mix of friends from every walk of life. Reading the news about the clergy and others who have been accused of misconduct in whatever fashion makes me feel like I am on the right path spirituality. I was commenting on aromatherapy before I went random. I love the different types of scents that help with the energy and chakras etc even if you do not burn candles or incense sometimes the scent is powerful enough to make a difference in the dwelling. I know that I benefit from the changed atmosphere. As my path continues I think I am going to expand my knowledge of the other realms of religious freedom. That’s one of the many benefits of being eclectic, I can study whatever I want and learn from different aspects. So I’m going off into another ramble because it’s just how it goes with me. I’m definitely concerned about Shannen Doherty’s newly announced return of cancer… In fact, when I purchased my incense cones the other day, I donated to Spencers cancer fund. There are two books that I’m interested in & crazy enough I don’t have a picture image in my head. Today though I did adopt two new palmstones, Finally got my goldstone & my hematite- my goldstone has namaste inscribed. Enough rambling for now so I must return to study hall. 

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