EF Hutton #EFHuttonGroup

Dear friends, recently I’ve been triggered to remember some childhood memories about my wonderful late dad. he was a stockbroker for Merrill Lynch and also E.F. Hutton. I have been diving into the past of E.F. Hutton within the past few days weeks and I knowsome shadiness I know about the scandals I know of the lawsuits and I’m not quite sure why the company wants to be reborn almost 12 years after it was put to bed or now it’s been 12 years it was originally 1904 until 2012 it is now 2022 and the company re-launched in 2020 I don’t know why if people get their research properly they wouldn’t want to work for or do business with the company. why associate yourself with negative. With that said, I know Ive been using wikipedia articles as my source. I do’nt think bringing a company back to life using the old name was a wise idea but what do I know, I was born & raised in an time where most people did things somewhat ethically.

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