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Miranda Lambert In Danger? Country Superstar Shows Off Nasty Bruise While Out With New Hubby | Celebrity Insider

Earlier this year, Miranda Lambert bought a luxurious New York City condo for herself and her new husband, NYC cop Brendan McLoughlin, and the
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ISIS posters depict Big Ben on fire and warn of ‘London attacks soon’ | Daily Mail Online

ISIS-affiliated media have released three posters that incite lone wolf attacks on the west, which were posted on Twitter by the Terror Research and Analysis Consortium – a terrorism watchdog.
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Marshmallow Bubbles 

I thought that I would be able to make this a happy and cheerful entry but just as I sat down and started to get comfortable I saw a few tweets about some negative events and immediately changed thought process. There’s still rioting happening across this beautiful country that I’m proud to say is my home country,born,raised and still live in Pennsylvania. I saw something about two police officers were shot today and I’m furious that thuggish people are still being violent against the police.  I understand that not all police are wonderful sweet people but for the love of humanity not every officer is bad either. These ladies and gentlemen put their lives on the line every fucking day/night of the year to protect the people of their jurisdiction and to be shot or stabbed is just atrocious. 

Anyway I had a very nice day with my sweetheart of a dachshund and we made our Periscope debut. The periscope app is absolutely amazing and if I have more opportunities for live broadcast I will do it.  But I’m going to be rolling under the radar for the rest of the evening so I’ll find y’all another time.