Trump camp seeks extra debate rule: Third party inspectors to look for electronic devices in candidates’ ears | Fox News

President Trump is asking for an additional ground rule ahead of Tuesday night’s first presidential debate between himself and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.— Read on

‘Black Lives Matter’ Featured on New NBA Finals Court Design | Entertainment Tonight

The league and the NBPA reportedly agreed in June to highlight the movement at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando.— Read on


OK as I said in the last blog #Journal101.1, I had some things to talk about with regard to online shopping from small businesses and also my coming out of the closet. Small business shopping-I will shop small when I can if you have a product I want and it is a reasonable price IContinue reading “#Journal101.2”

House Democrats pass $25bn bill to fund US Postal Service | US Postal Service | The Guardian

Pelosi said the bill’s aim was to ‘reject the Trump administration’s efforts to undermine’ the mission of the postal service — Read on

Navy SEALs cut ties to national museum after Colin Kaepernick K-9 demonstration video

Dogs in a K-9 demonstration last year attacked a man wearing a Colin Kaepernick jersey, who later joked about the former quarterback’s protests. — Read on

Jay Cutler Deletes His Instagram Months After Split from Kristin Cavallari

Jay Cutler’s Instagram page no longer comes up in search and appears as “unavailable” — Read on

Kanye West Claims He’s Done With Trump, Reveals He Had COVID-19

Kanye West Claims He’s Done With Trump, Reveals He Had COVID-19 — Read on