In Just 72 Hours, Joe Biden Might Have Paved the Way for the Democratic Party to be Totally Screwed in 2020

You know there’s that saying with Joe Biden: just let him talk. The man has insulted virtually every ethnic and racial group in the country over his long career. The — Read on

Biden supporters attack 7-year-old Trump supporter and his family

The little boy was crying and asking for them to give him his Trump hat back. Moments later… the beatings on his family began. Internet – do your thing. — Read on

Kamala Harris Aide, 2 Others Arrested After Allegedly Running Fake Police Force in Santa Clarita | KTLA

Three people, including an aide to California Attorney General Kamala Harris, were arrested after allegedly creating and running a “fictitious” police force, complete with fake badges, weapons, uniforms and police-type vehicles, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department announced Tuesday. — Read on

Polling in Distant 3rd Place, Kamala Desperately Lashes Out at Fast Food Restaurant

Sen. Harris attacked McDonald’s on behalf of an influential labor union that demands the restaurant chain unionize employees and raise wages nationwide. — Read on