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#RevUpNutrition & Beyond

Okay, so I have had quite an interesting Friday even though it got started late. As I stated yesterday, I got my first of hopefully many packages from my friends over at RevUp Nutrition. I was beyond excited this morning to get the ball rolling with the next chapter of my fitness journey. Anyhow, on April 1st I ordered my t-shirt, shaker bottle & trial/sample pack of all three of the pre-workout powders. The actual beginning of the journey didn’t begin until noon but my day began early bird. I spent the morning knitting and watching television with the pups who are crazy as ever but I love them. I’m definitely making a bit of progress on the Premier Yarns Sofa Shawl. It’s getting heavier by the day but turning into a beautiful mini blanket. The #RainbowCandy pre-workout is delicious as are probably the other flavors! Today’s workout was absolutely great. I did my usual machines & then some which I was really excited about. The amount of progress I’ve made over the past few months is incredibly encouraging. Next up was a little bit of unexpected retail therapy in the shade 1993. Urban Decay Cosmetics is one of my favorite companies in my makeup trolley. I now have all three formulas of the Vice lip color. So I’m going to be doing more research into pre-workout and other supplements. The remainder of the evening will be spent working with yarn.


Friday Am:Thursday review 

So it’s another gloomy day outside weatherwise and we will be staying in our pajamas for the weekend and totally relaxing and jotting down our thoughts. I have many ambitions for my blog life. I went to a party last night and it was a A buffet style which isn’t always a good thing with me because it’s open for seconds and thirds etc. There’s dessert trays and everything was available,I’m a lover of baked goods and I enjoyed the treats too much. Now this weekend I’ll be existing on coffee.  I’ll be hanging with my compadres on Twitter all weekend bringing updates. MsChiefNews


Tuesday Truffles 

So I just wanted to say hello following a very eventful day of being out and about with a friend. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch in a sports bar ,stopped over to the horse show,then before coming home, we stopped over at Starbucks for a cold one. The weather in the suburbs of Philadelphia is similar to a pizza oven. Even though today would have been my dad’s 74th birthday,I’m confident in knowinghe’s  probably up in heaven and watching over me. Just like my dearly departed dachshund is watching over my other little girl. Speaking of my other little dachshund,she is feeling much better than she was last evening when we were awake until 3:00 am. Yes I do have plans for this evening on the television but I’m thinking that we’re going to grab a brief nap before prime time.